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Component sourcing solutions

APC's Component sourcing team works with UK OEM/CEM customers to help them achieve their strategic component sourcing goals.

In particular, our team of experts provide the cost-effective purchasing of regular component parts and the management and sourcing of end-of-life, obsolete and hard to find components.


Established in response to increasing customer requests to source or replace obsolete components from verified suppliers and to conduct due diligence and verification of components, our team also provides a range of component level services including:

  • Anti-counterfeit and testing services

  • Component repackaging

  • Retesting and requalification

  • Obsolescence management

 In addition, we use our global franchises and network of verified suppliers to competitively source a wide range of:

  • Industrial semiconductors
  • Active, passive, EMECH and batteries
  • Obsolete, EOL and hard-to-find components

With extensive technical design-in expertise, both within component sourcing and across our group, our team can quickly understand your requirements and source a range of component parts to overcome any sourcing, availability or quality issues you may be facing in your supply chain.

We are long-standing members of the International Institute of Obsolescence Management and the ERAI and apply industry best practices to all our component sourcing.

Value-added services

In addition to sourcing components, APC's component sourcing team can provide a range of value-added services to ensure that your components more closely meet your end requirements. These services include:


  • Alloy conversion / re-tin
  • PCB services
  • IC lead straightening
  • BGA laser reballing
  • IC repair
  • Cropping and forming
  • BGA recovery
  • R&D modelling
  • Tape and reeling/dereeling
  • IC tests
  • Component up screening
  • Programming
  • QFR recovery
  • Baking and dry packing

We aim to buy from approved, trusted vendors with OEM certificates and full traceability. In some cases, we reach out to our wider supplier network to source products, particularly those that are obsolete or hard-to-source, in which case we can provide a range of anti-counterfeit testing services. In these instances, we take the following steps to mitigate risk:


  • Parts can be tested for fit form and function against the manufacturer’s published datasheet, with full reporting being provided with the product
  • We check the ERAI vendors and parts databases, including cross-checking against known problem vendors and devices
  • Make use of shared intelligence across an established network
  • Visit worldwide suppliers for vendor assessment
  • Check trade references and obtain QA certificates from open market sources

Proactive obsolescence management is essential to maintain ongoing production schedules. Our team work with you to ensure that end-of-life notifications, last time buy dates and obsolete components can be managed to reduce disruption to production schedules. Our obsolescence management services include:


  • We analyse your bill of materials to identify potential end of life and obsolete components

  • Once identified, we will manage last time buy and last time ship orders, including the management of buffer stocks and schedules

  • Using our long-established, trusted network of suppliers and agents we source obsolete components from our preferred procurement routes, including testing of components where necessary

Sometimes sourcing additional stocks of a specific component is not possible. In these instances, our team will help you review your requirements and specify and source alternative products.

APC's component sourcing team provides a full sourcing solution including component supply and testing to verify quality, function and authenticity.

Using our certified testing house partner, we can develop a testing plan based on your individual requirements that can include a combination of the below:

Permanency marking/blacktopping

Tests can be undertaken to authenticate the chip top surface
and marking. Refurbished electronic components usually
have been sanded to remove the original marking, and then
covered with a black material to hide the evidence of sanding.

Heated solvent test

This test is an effective method to reveal occurrences of
resurfacing. The process includes suspending a sample
component in a solution, submerging half of the component.
As the component remains in the solution for an extended
period of time, any resurfacing or remarking on the
submerged end will be removed, while the portion remaining
above the surface will remain unaffected.

Visual inspection

By utilising optical inspection and visual inspection techniques,
it can be confirmed that your recovered components are in
good condition. Visual inspection can inspect for damage that
may have occurred while they were on the PCBs and in some
cases fix these defects.

XRF testing/XRF analysis (RoHS compliant)

XRF analysis facilities provide a non-destructive method to
determine which alloy a termination consists of. Once
recovered, it is possible to determine which alloy is on the
device terminations and convert it to a different alloy if desired.

Solderability test

Solderability testing verifies whether or not a component is
re-solderable, If this is possible it can be placed onto your PCBs
for reflow. Alternatively, it is possible to strip the terminations
and re-tin to the specified alloy.

Electrical component testing (curve trace)

The BEST (BGA and Electrical Silicon Test) is an electrical
component test used to check the electrical parameters of
every pin to pin e.g. current, voltage, diode resistivity, and
silicon connectivity. This is a very strong tool that can confirm
that the recovered devices are in good working condition.

Key function test

Some devices may need to be tested by creating a circuit to
ensure that they are operating as expected. With the aid of
the component datasheet, it is possible to create a circuit and
an IC Test for your device to check the key aspects of the device.
For example, recovered MOSFETs can be tested to confirm that
they still meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Flash memory test and memory programming

Using specialist programming equipment, it is possible
to program your components, check for counterfeit
programmable components, check device ID codes
and confirm whether your devices are blank or already
programmed. Previously programmed FLASH parts can
be erased back to factory default settings.

De-cap and device non-functionality analysis

Your IC can be de-capped and checked for a range of visual
indicators to help authenticate the originality of the device.
It is also possible to check for IC damage at high optical
magnifications and identify the potential cause for test failures.

Ionic testing

Ionic contamination testing is required as ionic residues
remaining from both the PCB manufacturing and the soldering
process may affect the reliability of the finished assembly.

Extreme temperature testing

Temperature extremes can significantly alter the mechanical
and electrical properties of a component, such as brittleness
of ICs, electrical conductivity and frequencies.

For more information about how our Component Sourcing team can assist in overcoming your
sourcing and supply obstacles, contact our team today on:

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