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EMI/EMC and RF solutions

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has never been more crucial and is practically difficult to ignore in today's electronics industry. That's why having reliable EMI/EMC and RF solutions is essential for businesses to remain at the forefront of today's changing market. As an official Astrodyne distributor for the UK and Ireland, APC Technology Group's specialist EMC team works with customers who require high-end EMI/EMC/RF products and solutions for specific requirements in the industrial,  medical, defence & aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing sectors.

With more than 60 years of experience as a custom power supply and EMI/EMC/RF filter manufacturer, Astrodyne is known for its ability to produce highly reliable and durable power products for some of the most demanding industries. For more information about Astrodyne's extensive range of high-performance, dual-stage DC EMI/EMC solutions, or any power supply or EMI filtering products, browse  their catalogue below:

Single Phase
EMI Filters

Suppress the electrical noise of a wide range of appliances and equipment. Available from 1A to 150A.

3-Phase EMI
Filters Delta

Reduces Electromagnetic Interference and helps you maintain compliance with emission standards.

3-Phase EMI
Filters WYE

Choose from a range of voltages, including 480VAC, 520VAC, and 600VAC and current ratings up to 2500A.


Attenuate EMI with filter models designed for high performance and high current. 

IEC Inlet
EMI Filters

Easy to install and use, IEC filters are ideal for industrial, medical, and commercial electronics that require EMI/ RFI protection.

EMI Filters

Stop high-frequency EM signals travelling from secure rooms, facilities, overpower or communication cables.

Shielded Facility
EMI Filters

Isolate environments from outside electrical noise by attenuating electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Military COTS
EMI Filters

A complete range of AC and DC EMI/ RFI/ EMC military power line filters providing off-the-shelf performance for MIL-STD-461 and RTCA/DO-160 applications.

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