RF attenuators reduce the amplitude of an incoming signal within RF applications, enabling the control of the level of signal at a given point within a circuit or system. Our team of RF sales engineers have more than 40 years’ expertise in RF and Microwave products and applications and can help you find the right attenuator for your project from our extensive range from leading, global manufacturers including Bird, Keysight and Arance Electronics.

APC provide a range of fixed and variable attenuators to suit every application:


  • Coaxial fixed attenuators with BNC, N-Type, 7-16, TNC & SMA Connectors for everyday use to 18GHz.
  • High frequency versions from 30GHz to 65GHz with 3.5mm, 2.92mm (K type), 2.4mm & 1.85mm (V type) connectors.
  • Low PIM models available.
  • High power attenuators from 10W to 4kW CW, using Aluminium Nitride, Beryllium Oxide and oil cooled technologies.
  • Waveguide fixed attenuators in waveguide sizes from WR650 to WR28.
  • Variable attenuators, including continuously variable for level setting with manual or motor drive control.
  • Step attenuators (both manual and remote controlled) for test applications.
  • PIN switched and voltage controlled attenuators.
  • Chip attenuators for high and low power applications to 18GHz.

For technical sales and expert advice on our range of RF and Microwave components,
contact our RF team on:


0330 313 3220 | [email protected]