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GNSS Signal Simulation

Why Use GNSS Signal Simulation?

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) equipment development requires testing under controlled conditions. Engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and system integrators involved in GNSS development must be able to control test conditions, repeat tests precisely, simulate new satellite constellations and signals in advance (before the systems and signals are even available), and perform realistic tests in GNSS denied environments (without a line of sight to the satellites).

For optimisation of resources and time in development, qualification and certification of GNSS equipment and GNSS applications, OHB Digital offer the XPLORA range of realtime GNSS Simulation solutions.

With XPLORA system integrators, GNSS equipment manufacturers and users, governmental authorities, and armed forces in a navigation warfare scenario can harden their GNSS-based infrastructure or equipment against interference.


Our GNSS simulator is capable of generating all public GNSS signals and frequencies available today. It offers direct RF signal playback in real-time or alternatively digital IF baseband signal generation. Additionally, simulation of GNSS receiver observables is available.

The simulator capabilities can be adjusted in terms of features to meet the user requirements exactly by offering optional signals, frequency bands and simulation of interference and multiple receivers.

Specify a navigation satellite system, define the influencing error sources, select a static or dynamic user scenario, choose the signal frequency and modulation scheme, specify the RF front-end and filter characteristics, and select the bit-stream parameters – the Digital Signal Generator will stream the in software generated, fully reproducible digital signals or recorded data into your baseband receiver for development, test, and verification.


XPLORA Pro is a GNSS real-time simulator which consists of a high-quality signal generator as a hardware platform and the flexible and powerful GNSS simulation environment XPLORA Core.

XPLORA Pro provides a real-time input interface and thus supports hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, e.g. for automotive applications.

Advanced Jamming + Spoofing

We can also advise on a mobile Advanced Jamming + Spoofing (AJ+S) system which can be used as a standalone system in a navigation warfare scenario or to test equipment and applications safely and realistically in a GNSS-denied environment.

OHB's AJ+S system is a compact solution to generate and broadcast jamming and spoofing signals. AJ+S is designed to easily generate and transmit jamming and spoofing signals and to assess various types of attacks on receivers with broadcasted RF signals. It allows GNSS equipment manufacturers and users to test their equipment in a protected and realistic environment. It is used to assess vulnerabilities and improve equipment to better tackle GNSS interference. AJ+S is successfully used by governmental authorities, armed forces, and system integrators, to harden their GNSS-based infrastructure against jamming and spoofing attacks.

XPLORA Datasheet pdf 586.311

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