Coaxial Connectors and Adaptors

Coaxial Connectors and Adaptors

APC offers a range of coaxial adaptors, both in-series and between series, and connectors for high frequency, popular, heritage, wireless/telecom, military and specialist applications.

Coaxial Connectors

Covering frequencies up to 65GHz, we can supply most connector types, from high frequency SSMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm & 1.85mm coaxial connectors and from EIA 7/8” to EIA 9-3/16” EIA rigid line connectors. 1.0mm connectors also available to 110GHz.

Coaxial Connectors and Adaptors

Coaxial connectors in all styles and for all applications, including APC-7 (7mm), BMA, BMMA, BNC, 75ohm BNC, C-Type, G874, GHV, HN, LC-LT, MC Card, MCX, MHV, MMCX, N-Type, QDS, Mini-QDS, QMA, SMA (to 27GHz), SC, SMB, SMC, SMP (GPO), SMPM (GPPO), SSMA, SSMB, SSMC, TNC, TPS, TRB (Triax BNC), TW34 Twinax, Type 43, UHF, Mini-UHF, 1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, 7/16, 4.3-10, 1.85mm(V), 2.4mm, 2.92mm(K), & 3.5mm.

IP67, IP68 & IP69K NEMA 6 Waterproof and Harsh Environment Connectors. Low PIM Adapters available.

Mil-Spec: M39012-M55339 QPL, quick connect, blind mate and many custom designs, including reverse polarity versions. NMD 3.5, 2.92, 2.4, & 1.85mm test port adaptors.

Coaxial Inter-Series Adaptors

For all types of coaxial connectors, including BNC, TNC, N-Type, 7/16, HN, C, SMA, SMB, SMC, plus high frequency SSMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm.

Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors

For waveguide sizes WR2300 to WR10 plus double ridge sizes from WRD250 to WRD180.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Flexible, semi-rigid and hand formable cables for defence, communications, research, test and system applications. 110GHz (1.0mm) cable assemblies. Low loss flexible and semi-flexible armoured cables. High performance VNA calibration/test cables to 120GHz.

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