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Detectus SCN Series EMC Scanners with 2D, or 4D scanning

The new industry standard for EMC scanning

High-resolution and affordable scanning

The Detectus SCN Series from Pendulum Instruments comes in three different sizes to fit most DUTs and combines a very-high scan resolution of 0.1 mm with probe head rotation, and the best-in-class scanning software to deliver powerful visualisation of the EMC test. For boards with components of substantially different heights, the optional laser distance meter will enable you to follow the DUT’s topography and measure at a fixed distance from the DUT, automatically creating a precise 3D model of the DUT.

How do you perform EMC scanning?

A complete scanner system consists of the EMC scanner hardware package, the Detectus scanning software (DSS), a spectrum analyser and a PC to run the scanner software.


The test object is put on the coordinate board and a small near-field probe is moved in a controlled and repeatable path above the test object, registering the field strength. The probe output signal in every position is measured by the spectrum analyser and transferred to the scanner software. The smart software combines the spatial information (X,Y,Z) with the spectrum in that position, and presents detailed results.

Need a spectrum analyser?

Take a look at our range of spectrum analysers or ask our test and measurement team for expert technical assistance and sales support.

Leading Performance from the Detectus designers

With 0.1mm step size of the scanner, you can pinpoint emission sources in densely packed designs, at a comparable cost to 1mm scanners.


You can scan emissions up to 10 GHz, with the standard Pendulum Probe kits. If the user has near-field probes going up to higher frequencies, e.g. 70 GHz, then these can easily be attached and used for EMC scanning. The SW has no limits, but you must of course use a Spectrum Analyser that supports the frequency range.


Within the Detectus SCN Series, you can choose from various sizes, to fit most test objects. The scan table comes in four basic sizes (WxDxH):


  • 200×100 mm (2D scanning without Z-axis and probe rotation)
  • 200x100x100 mm (4D = 3D scanning with probe rotation)
  • 300x200x100 mm (4D = 3D scanning with probe rotation)
  • 600x400x300 mm (4D = 3D scanning with probe rotation)

Want to talk to one of our technical team about Detectus EMC scanners? Our dedicated test and measurement equipment team can provide expert technical advice and help you find the right products for your applications and test requirements.


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