Directional couplers and hybrids

Directional Couplers and Hybrids

APC Technology Group offers a range of cost-effective products for wireless systems from 380MHz to 6GHz. Coupling ratios from 5dB to 30dB in 1dB steps. Low PIM models for in-building (DAS) antenna distribution systems.

  • Waveguide and coaxial directional and hybrid couplers from 0.5MHz to 220GHz. Product highlights include ultra-wideband designs from 1 to 65GHz. High power coaxial, single and dual directional designs with power handling to 600W CW. 75ohm designs for low power applications. Low PIM versions are available.


  • Surface mount designs are available for power amplifier combining and power monitoring applications. Waveguide designs are available in rectangular and double ridge waveguide sizes including Broadwall, Crossguide and Loop configurations with single and dual coupling arms in waveguide and coax. Hybrids with E&H plane configuration using short slot and magic tee designs are also available.


  • We also offer 90° & 180° hybrids and hybrid couplers from 7MHz to 18GHz. Standard products in bands from 0.5 to 40GHz with N-Type, SMA or K-Type Connectors as appropriate. Low frequency, surface mount versions are also available.


  • High power, broadband SMD and connectorised couplers and hybrids from DC to 12GHz.

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