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Durabook Storage Solutions

Combining productivity and state-of-the-art technology, Durabook offers a comprehensive range of accessories for its military-grade rugged laptops and tablets. All Durabook accessories are thoroughly tested in-house by Durabook engineers and are designed to withstand the rugged environments and harsh conditions Durabook computing solutions are exposed to.

APC Technology - Authorised Durabook UK Distributors

Built on a strong relationship with a wealth of knowledge and expertise within defence-grade computing, APC Technology Group is an Official Authorised Distributor for Durabook, offering customers in the UK first-line support, customisation and product servicing. 

For more bespoke solutions, APC’s team of rugged computing specialists can assist you with creating customised solutions. From boards and displays to chassis, APC’s embedded computing team can build to your requirements quickly and economically, utilising a wide range of industry-leading solutions from global manufacturers.

Storage Solutions for Rugged Laptops and Tablets


Spare PCIE SSD with Canister

Compatible with S14I:

DSMS44 - 1TB

DSMS43 - 512GB

DSMS42 - 256GB



Compatible with Z14I:

DSMZ44 - 1TB

DSMZ43 - 512GB

DSMZ42 - 256GB

Compatible with S15AB:

DS2SS3 - 1TB

DS2S52 - 512GB



2nd SSD for Media Storage Bay

Compatible with S14I:

DS2S43 - 512GB

DS2S42 - 256GB




Compatible with Z14I:

DS2Z44 - 1TB

DS2Z43 - 512GB

DS2Z42 - 256GB


2nd SSD for Media Storage Bay

Compatible with S15AB:

DS2S53 - 512GB

DS2552 - 256GB



Spare SSD with Canister

Compatible with U11I:

DSMU14 - 1TB
DSMU13 - 512GB
DSMU12 - 256GB
DSMU11 - 128GB


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For further information about our range of Durabook Storage Solutions or to discuss how our team can help you with your defence-grade computing and network solutions, speak to one of our technical expertise today:

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