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APC Technology Group is a leading UK Keysight Premium Plus Partner. As a long-standing authorised Keysight distributor, APC provides a range of higher specification Keysight test equipment not available from other UK distributors. APC also offer exclusive discounts and supported pricing, with technical expertise and product support from our team of in-house engineers and test equipment experts.

Award-winning manufacturers and pioneers in their field, Keysight Technologies are among the world’s leading technology companies. Our premium partnership with Keysight allows customers to access a broad product range for all Keysight industrial applications and new technologies.


keysight-X‑Series-Signal-Generators-MXG-EXG-CXG keysight-X‑Series-Signal-Generators-MXG-EXG-CXG

EDU33210A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

The EDU33210A Series Generator provides uncompromised performance to an entry-level function generator.

  • Use the signature 7-inch colour display for a simultaneous parameter set-up, signal viewing, and editing
  • Get six built-in modulation types and 17 popular waveforms to simulate typical applications for testing
  • Acquire 16-bit arbitrary waveform capability with memory up to 8 M samples per channel

Trueform 33500B/33600A Waveform Aribitrary Function Generators

33521B Waveform Generator, 30 MHz, 1-Channel with Arb33521B Waveform Generator, 30 MHz, 1-Channel with Arb

Keysight 33500B Series Waveform Generators with exclusive Trueform signal generation technology offer more capability, fidelity, and flexibility than previous generation DDS generators.

  • Unmatched capabilities for generating a full range of signals for your most demanding measurements
  • Sine waves with 5x lower harmonic distortion for more pure signals
  • Pulses up to 20 MHz with 10x less jitter for more precise timing

Keysight X-Series MXG, CXG and EXG Signal Generators

CXG RF Vector Signal Generator N5166B

  • Frequency range of 9 kHz – 3/6 GHz and up to 120 MHz RF
    modulation bandwidth
  • Perform basic parametric testing of components and functional
    verification of receivers
  • Test your device with multiple verified, standards-compliant
    vector signal

EXG RF Signal Generators N5172B 

  • Maximize test margins on the production line with great ACPR
  • Maximize throughput with < 800 µs simultaneous switching of
    frequency, power and waveform type
  • Enable rapid, accurate tests using Signal Studio’s predefined,
    standards-based waveforms

MXG RF Signal Generators N5181B 

  • Test radar receiver sensitivity or characterize ADC with
    excellent phase noise
  • Characterize nonlinear PA behaviour with excellent ACPR and
    output power
  • Test 802.11ac with < 0.4% EVM, or characterize multi-carrier
    PAs with < ± 0.2 dB flatness across 160 MHz bandwidth

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