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Keysight Ex-Demo

Test & Measurement Equipment

Maximise your budget and testing abilities with huge savings on a range of Keysight Technologies ex-demonstration equipment. Rest assured when purchasing an ex-demo Keysight instrument, you'll enjoy the benefits of a like-new quality product which meet Keysight's quality standards.

Benefit from:

  • Like new condition, meeting Keysight quality standards
  • Products In-stock ready to ship
  • 40% off a wide range of instruments
  • Keysight equipment from a trusted source - APC is an authorised Keysight Technology UK Distributor
Part Number Discounted Price Quantity in Stock Product Type  
33520B £2,462.60 1 Waveform generator 33500B Series, 30 MHz, 2-channel

View Product

34908A £538.30 12 Single-Ended Multiplexer Module for 34970A, 40-Channel View Product
B2983A £6,955.20 1 Femto/Picoammeter (battery-powered) View Product
DSOX1B7T102 £193.20 4 Bandwidth upgrade, 70 MHz to 100 MHz, 2 channel, fixed perpetual license View Product
DSOX2WAVEGEN £489.60 4 WaveGen 20 MHz function generator View Product
E3632A £1,041.60 1 DC power supply. Single output, dual range: 0-15V, 7A; 0-30V, 4A 105/120W. GPIB View Product
E3644A £884.80 1 DC power supply, dual range: 0-8V/ 8 A and 0-20V/ 4 A, 80 W. GPIB, RS-232 View Product
E4980AL-030 £3,434.90 1 Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 300 kHz / 500 kHz / 1 MHz  View Product
MSOX6004A £19,456.75 1 InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 1 GHz, upgradeable to 6 GHz, 20 GS/s, 4 Channel View Product
N6705C £6,390.90 1 DC Power Analyzer Mainframe View Product
N6752A £1,459.50 1 High-Performance Autoranging DC Power Module 50V, 10A, 100W View Product
N9913A £8,846.60 1 FieldFox 4 GHz RF Analyzer View Product
U1591A £994.00 1 Soft Carrying Case  View Product
U8002A £551.60 1 DC power supply, low-cost. 30V/5A, 150 W View Product
N1427A £1,150.80 1 Low Noise Test Cables for N1413 with B2980 series, 1.5m View Product
N1427B £1,261.20 1 Low Noise Test Cables for N1413 with B2980 series, 3m View Product
EXR104A £19,269.60 1 Infiniium EXR-Series Real-Time Oscilloscope, 1 GHz, 16 GSa/s, 4 Ch View Product
B2910BL £4,407.20 1 Precision Source/Measure Unit, 1ch, 10fA resolution, 210V, 1.5A View Product

As a long-standing Keysight distributor, APC’s specialist test and measurement sales team undertake regular training on Keysight products and their applications. Our field-based sales team provide both in-house and remote product demonstrations, advice on selecting the right Keysight product to meet your exact test requirement. If you require further information please contact our team:

[email protected] | 0330 313 3220