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APC offer full support with Advantech COM customisation services, customers can save their development schedule time, production cost and work hours, all of which ensure that customers meet time-to-market expectations.

Advantech COM customisation services provide flexible integration including COM module customisation, carrier board design and production, semi-system integration services and manufacturing services.

Mini-ITX and MicroATX MotherboardsMini-ITX and MicroATX Motherboards

Mini-ITX and MicroATX Motherboards

AMD Mobile R-Series and G-Series APU

Advantech's Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboards (AMD Mobile R-Series and G-Series APU) are designed with rich functionality, and solid performance in a small footprin, and low power consumption (less than 100 Watts). With only 25 mm in height, the Mini-ITX Motherboards are ideal for applications in which size and power efficiency are required.

MicroATX Motherboards

With only 244 x 244 mm size, Advantech's MicroATX (uATX) and mATX industrial motherboards are suited for space/cost-sensitive applications where less than 4 PCIe slots are required. Equipped with LVDS interface, longevity and revision control, MicroATX is suitable for medical and instrumentation applications.


Thin AI Motherboard 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor (Alder Lake), integrated NVIDIA® Quadro® Embedded T1000

AIMB-588, 592 (AMD server grade)

Intel® 12th Gen Core™ (Alder Lake-S) i9/i7/i5/i3 LGA1700, MicroATX with2 DP++/HDMI/eDP /8 SATA/6 COM/1 Gbe LANs/ 3 2.5GbE Lans/8 USB3.2 Gen2/4 USB2.0


AMD V2000-series Quad Core Mini-ITX with 2 x HDMI, 2 x DP(Type-C), 8 x USB, 6 x COM, and 12V DC-In


Computer On Modules - COM Express Compact

Type 6 - High Computing Performance

Advantech COM Express Compact Module (COM) are equipped with low-power processor in a board size of 95mm x 95mm. Type 6 provides DDI display interface, HDA, super speed I/Os and high bandwidth expansion interfaces such as USB3.0, SATAIII and PCIe gen3. 


These Computer On Modules (COM), embedded boards and systems are designed to deliver high computing performance. Embedded boards and systems are designed to deliver high computing performance to machine vision and medical applications.

Computer On Modules - COM Express CompactComputer On Modules - COM Express Compact


AMD Embedded Ryzen V2000 COM Express Compact Type 6 Module



12th/13th generation Intel CPU for high scalability and four SODIMM slots for a maximum of 128GB DDR5 memory.

Compact Single Board ComputersCompact Single Board Computers

MIO-5377, MIOe-UMXM - 3.5" MI/O - Compact Single Board Computers

12th Gen. Intel® Core™ Processor (Code Name: Alder Lake-P) 3.5" SBC

These compact yet powerful devices, driven by 13th Gen Intel® Mobile processors, enhance diagnostic precision, mobility, and efficiency for medical professionals. The optional GPU add-on boosts graphics capabilities, enabling real-time imaging and enhancing artificial intelligence applications.


Advantech's commitment to streamlined design and cutting-edge technology, along with the Edge AI Suite, underscores its dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical imaging for improved healthcare outcomes.


APC Technology Group are the UK & IE Leading Distributor for Advantech Medical Embedded Systems


As a leading distributor in the UK and Ireland, APC works closely with its technology partners to deliver products that enable innovation - helping medical OEMs and manufacturers to develop the next generation of healthacre systems and devices.


APC Technology Group work closely with Advantech to offer end-to-end solutions in the UK and Ireland.  APC bring high-reliability medical and healthcare technology solutions to market quickly and efficiently with their team who specialise in embedded computing.

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