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Certified and robust medical grade power supplies

Designed to meet the stringent safety standards that apply to the performance and safety of medical electrical equipment

Across all types of medical equipment — from personal health devices such as dialysis machines, ventilators and infusion pumps to diagnostic equipment like ultrasound systems — Astrodyne’s engineering expertise will support your vision for better, reliable patient care.

Supported by APC’s own team of experts, Astrodyne can guide you along the technical steps necessary to meet all standards and regulations for final approval of medical power supply equipment.

Medical Power SuppliesMedical Power Supplies

One of the broadest fully certified medical power product portfolios in the industry

Offering both off the shelf and custom power supplies that range from 5W to 550W as standard, Astrodyne has a vast catalogue of fully certified, medically approved power solutions designed to fit any medical application. Available in all designs — from open-frame, U-channel, enclosed, board mounted and encapsulated to external desktop, wall mounted and car adapters including digital interfaces to enable monitoring — all models carry the necessary certifications to meet a minimum of EN60601-1 (3rd Edition).

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What sets a medical power supply apart from other power supplies?

Because of the life-saving nature of medical devices, the related power supplies are some of the most stringently designed and manufactured electrical components you will find across all industries. For this reason, medical device manufacturers of electronic equipment must meet the IEC’s 60601 safety standards, which outline a number of design issues that go above and beyond what other commercial applications require. As a result, Astroydne’s medical power solutions feature:

  • Reinforced or doubled insulation to meet low leakage requirement
  • IEC60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC with low noise Class B EMC performance
  • Reliably isolated to reduce the risk of shock occurring
  • BF and CF patient isolation with 2 MOOP and 2 MOPP models
  • Designed to offer further isolation around other electrical components like conductors
  • Suitable for high-temperature operation

Featured solution: Powerbridge™ medically certified UPS

As surgical suites and operating theatres become more reliant on digital technologies and robotics, backup power solutions need to be considered an important part of application design. Astrodyne’s PowerBridge™ offers customers an efficient UPS solution that guarantees reliable backup battery time in critical applications such as surgical robotics.

Astrodyne Powerbridge UPSAstrodyne Powerbridge UPS
  • 2 MOPP - eliminates the need for external isolation
  • Online UPS offering continuous AC output with no glitches
  • 2kVA output power (> 4 minutes at 2kVA)
  • Field replaceable, embedded lithium-ion battery
  • 120W-Hr high rate LiFePO4

Featured solution: HermesFlex™ medical-grade programmable power supply

Compliant to industry standard IEC60601-1 with 2 MOPP (means of patient protection) and BF Leakage Current as well as UL62368-1, HermesFlex™ represents the latest evolution of Astrodyne’s industry-leading medical grade power solutions. HermesFlex™ provides two isolation barriers that are required to ensure that the applied part is isolated from the ground eliminating the need for bulky isolation transformers in devices that have conductive contact with patients.

Astrodyne Powerbridge UPSAstrodyne Powerbridge UPS
  • Agency Approved to IEC60601-1
  • BF Patient Leakage and 2 x MOPP isolation
  • Programmable Output: 0-56V, 0-40A/ 2,200W
  • Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Constant Power Modes
  • Digital Controls and Alarms
  • High Efficiency: >93%
  • SEMI F47 Compliant
  • Highly Reliable: 100% In-Process HASS Tested

Medical equipment typically requires a longer design cycle than other types of equipment. In addition, medical equipment usually has a greater life expectancy than other equipment. Therefore, APC and Astrodyne offer long-term support for their standard and custom design medical-grade power supplies.

Ask a member of our team about Astrodyne’s range of medically certified power solutions and how we can support your projects.

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