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Request a free trial of a Medigenic Keyboard and Mouse

Discover how Medigenic Keyboards enable ease of cleaning without compromising on usability.

Developed in conjunction with the University College of London Hospital (UCLH), the Medigenic range was created to provide fast and effective cleaning to reduce the spread of infections. Helping to form habits that can save lives without compromising usability, Medigenic Keyboards have become the standard keyboard used across the National Health Service (NHS) and at the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Hospitals, and hundreds of others.


Medigenic strives to be more than just another washable keyboard. Instead, its patented cleaning alert system helps users to follow established infection control protocols, enables quick and easy disinfection, and provides users with a keyboard that doesn't compromise on usability and comfort.

Medigenic keyboards uniquely helps monitor its own cleaning status, to safeguard patients and staff with user defined, time-based cleaning alerts.

The flat, silicone surface enables cleaning without disconnection, with any hospital grade disinfecting wipe, in just ten seconds.

Features a high quality scissor style keyboard beneath the elastomer cover, that provides gentle tactile response for easy touch typing.

To discover for yourself what makes Medigenic the best in class infection control keyboard, simply complete the form below to request a free trial. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your trial and arrange delivery of your Medigenic keyboard.


Alternatively, to discuss your requirements with a member of our team, or for more information on the Medigenic range, call us on 0330 313 3220 or send us an email.

Medigenic Trial Request Form

Please ensure you have read and acknowledged the keyboard trial agreement below before requesting a trial.

Medigenic keyboard trial agreement

APC's free Medigenic trial is subject to acceptance of our trial agreement and is only available for organisations based within the UK.

By submitting a request for our keyboard trial, you accept that you have the authority to act on behalf of your organisation and accept this agreement accordingly.

  • Our free keyboard trial is for the Medigenic Compliance keyboard and mouse only, subject to availability
  • The trial period is for two weeks only
  • You agree to ensure the free trial items will be available for collection on the pickup date agreed with APC Technology Group
  • You will return the trial items in their original packaging, including manuals, software and any cables that accompanied them
  • Items being returned must be in good, working condition and must be cleaned and sanitised prior to pick up by our courier
  • APC Technology Group reserve the right to invoice you for all or part of the goods for any trial products that are not available for collection or return within the specified time
  • APC Technology Group reserve the right to invoice you for all or part of the goods for any trial products not returned in re-stockable condition.

Medigenic keyboard trials are subject to availability. APC Technology Group reserve the right to remove, cancel or deny participation in the free trial for any reason at any time. Participation in the keyboard trial is also acknowledgement of our standard terms and conditions.