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MIL-STD-1553 Remote Terminal GUIMIL-STD-1553 Remote Terminal GUI

MIL-STD-1553 Remote Terminal GUI

The Holt Remote Terminal Configuration Wizard is a Windows compatible program for setting up MIL-STD-1553B remote terminals based on Holt’s 1553 protocol ICs. The user can quickly generate RT configuration tables and device settings for use with the following Holt devices: HI-2130, HI-6120, HI-6121, HI-6130, HI-6131, HI-6135, HI-6136, HI-6137 and HI-6138. The HI-2130, HI-6130 and HI-6131 devices can operate two concurrent remote terminals; the RT Configuration Wizard can independently configure both RTs by running two successive passes through the program.


When projects are saved, all program settings are stored. Reloaded projects can be modified and resaved using the same (or a new) project name. Incomplete projects can be saved then reloaded later for completion.


  • Add or remove transmit (Tx) or receive (Rx) subaddresses
  • Enable or disable “illegal command detection” (ICD)
  • If using ICD, quickly add or remove legal word counts for any Tx or Rx subaddress
  • If using ICD, automatically configure shared “bit bucket” buffers for illegal subaddresses and mode codes
  • If not using ICD, automatically configure shared “bit bucket” buffers for unimplemented subaddresses
  • Enable or disable broadcast commands
  • With broadcast enabled, add or remove “Notice 2” segregation for Rx subaddress data for broadcast messages
  • Convert HI-612x projects for use with HI-613x (or vice versa)
  • For HI-613x projects, reserve RAM space for BC or bus monitor when assigning RT RAM
  • Enable or disable “Simple Mode Command Processing” vs. conventional RAM buffers
  • Change RAM buffer style (Indexed, Index-Zero, Ping-Pong or Circular types 1 or 2)
  • Quickly change buffer size for Indexed, Circular-1 or Circular-2 subaddresses
  • Add or remove message interrupts
  • Add or remove mode code commands, or change mode command options
  • For any change(s), instantly generate new configuration tables and update RAM addressing
  • Generated tables and files are C- language compatible, plain text files
  • Evaluate reconfiguration impact in minutes, not hours or days