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Mi-Wave RF Antennas

Millimeter Wave Products Inc. (Mi-Wave) is an award winning company and worldwide leader in microwave and millimeter wave products for commercial and military applications. Located in St Petersburg, Fl. MI-WAVE provides the microwave and millimeter wave industry with products, components and custom services.

APC Technology Group are one of the UK's leading distributors for all major RF Manufacturers. We provide our customers with a range of Mi-Wave Antennas from Standard Gain Horns, Omni-Directional Antennas, Waveguide Probe Antennas to Linear to Circular Polarizer Antennas. For more information on how APC Technology Group can help you find the RF Antenna for your application, get in contact with a member of our team.


Standard Gain Horns

Available from 8.2 to 750 GHz

Mi-Wave standard gain horn antennas are often referred to as microwave horn antennas or simply gain horn antennas. They are broadband passive devices shaped like a pyramidal horn design to direct radio waves at a precise frequency to a destination. Standard gain horn antennas are also used as calibration devices that measure the gain of other antennas. APC provide Mi-Wave standard gain horn antennas in various waveguide sizes.

Standard gain horn antennas can be ordered with a waveguide to coax adapter attached to it, or can be built with a custom configured connector. Mi-Wave broadband waveguide horn antennas have frequency capabilities ranging from 5 GHz to 40 GHz depending on type and needs. Below are a few types of Mi-Wave Antennas APC provide. Consult with us for your specific needs.


  • X-Band Gain Horn Antenna | WR-90 | 8-12.5 GHz
  • Xs-Band Gain Horn Antenna | WR-75 | 10-15 Ghz
  • Ku-Band Gain Horn Antenna | WR-62 | 12.5-18 Ghz
  • K-Band Gain Horn Antenna | WR-42 | 18-26.5 GHz
  • WR-34 Gain Horn Antenna | WR-34 | 22-33 GHz
  • Ka-Band Gain Horn Antenna | WR-28 | 26.4-40 GHz

Omni Directional Antennas

8.2 to 140 GHz Available

Mi-Wave’s omnidirectional antennas are offered with either a coaxial or rectangular waveguide interface. They provide a complete azimuth coverage of 360˚. These omnidirectional antennas cover a bandwidth up to full waveguide bands with unnoticeable performance degradation towards the higher and lower ends of the frequency range. They are also constructed with precision machined housings and a protective radome. Custom frequencies can be requested.


  • Low VWSR
  • Wide Bandwidths
  • 360 degree Azimuth Beamwidths
  • Variable Elevation Beamwidths
  • 45 Degree Typical


  • Surveillance networks
  • Broadcast and Receiving Systems
  • RF Probes
  • Automotive Radar

Waveguide Probe Antennas

Available from 8.2 to 500 GHz

Mi-Wave’s 260 Series Waveguide Probe Antennas are used in a wide variety of applications due to their high power handling capability, low loss, high directivity, and near-constant electrical performance across a broad bandwidth. Mi-wave’s probe antennas offer operating frequencies from 8.2-500 GHz. These antennas offer a low gain variation across their operating frequency.


Linear to Circular Polarizer

Mi-Wave’s 282 Series linear to circular polarizers converts input linear signals to circularly polarized output signals. The circular polarization sense (RHCP or LHCP) and center frequency should be specified at the time of order.

Millimeter Wave Products Inc. offers linear to circular polarizers in the frequency range of 12 GHz to 220 GHz. The typical bandwidth of the polarizers is 15% of the full waveguide band with a 1.0 dB axial ratio degradation. We also stock broadband and full waveguide band models for ordering.

Custom designs available for our rf polarizers. Please consult with our staff for this and any other antenna product needs.

For further technical information, or support finding the right components for your applications, reach out to a member of our RF and Microwave team.