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Space Power Solutions and Components

Radiation Tolerant Point-Of-Load Converters

3D PLUS Radiation Tolerant Point-Of-Load converters provide high performance and high-reliability in a compact size and low weight. Designed to provide a single output voltage adjustable with a very high efficiency. These space power components are designed to only need two external resistors for output voltage setting. A high-speed control loop keeps output voltage within regulation which is needed for FPGA and memory systems.

3D PLUS PoL converters are fully protected against output overload, input under-voltage and internal overheating. The external ON/OFF command and Soft Start function enable any power supply ON/OFF sequencing. Power Good signal is available for module survey and may be used for Power on Reset.

Featuring integrated input and output EMC filters to simplify module implementation directly on a digital board, these PoL converters have been designed to save space and weight.

PoL converters are offered with a gull-wing SMD package for high-resistance SMT assembly and for withstanding harsh thermal and mechanical environments. 3D PLUS PoL converters products can be used for the power supply of fast and low voltage digital electronics (FPGAs, DDR and DDR2 SDRAM Memories) and in a variety of distributed power system designs.

Power Supplies and DC-DC Converters

Modular Devices, Inc. (MDI) designs and manufactures many types of space power solutions and DC–DC converters for space applications. Their products have been used in applications such as the ISS, space shuttles, and numerous satellites.

  • Wide selection of input voltage ranges to match spacecraft busses
  • Complete choice of packaging technology (full hybrid, assemblies of hybrids)
  • Extensive production screening on flight product

Full hybrid spce power supplies using thick film, chip and wire/surface mount components within hermetic hybrid enclosures allow ultimate power density. Careful computer-aided thermal analysis and proven thermal management techniques assure high reliability. MDI's hybrid power supply technology incorporates the latest advances in high-frequency techniques, power hybrid and miniature components. Parts include standard off-the-shelf DC to DC converters to 100 watts with bus voltage to 120 VDC, as well as custom variations of standard DC to DC converters to 120 watts. All are operational within a wide temperature range.

MDI's patented technology 100K+® functional blocks produce many related power functions and make it possible to be more flexible as a supplier for customised power solutions.

3U Space VPX Power Cards

Micropac offers COTS power cards designed for 3U Open VPX systems. They meet the Open VPX – VITA 62 standard, and enable high efficiency and power density. Up to four power cards can be paralleled to adjust the power capability of the output. The cards survive TID of 50KRad and SEL of 37MeV-cm2/mg. The cards are designed to comply with MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-461G, MIL-STD-810G, and MIL-STD-1275E.

Ideal for LEO and MEO satellite applications, we offer a range of space power cards, switch cards and controller cards - in addition to VPX chassis for a centralised power distribution function.

Space Magnetics

With over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high-reliability chip inductors, transformers and RF beads, Vanguard Electronics has established refined procedures to guarantee the highest quality and most reliable parts to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-981, EEE-INST-002, and TOR.

Vanguard Electronics has proven itself as a leading source of magnetics for the space and NewSpace industry with standard and custom inductors and transformers designed-in on many different programs.

Parts are available with power levels from microWatts to kiloWatts and in frequencies from 60Hz to 6GHz+. All testing is performed in-house per MIL-PRF-27 and MIL-STD-202 using Vanguard's own state-of-the-art laboratory.

Radiation Tolerant and Discrete Solutions

Sensitron has been a leading provider of space power components for over 20 years. Their space power solutions have been used on numerous space missions, with zero reported flight failures. Sensitron's portfolio of scalable products includes radiation tolerant products and discrete solutions per MIL-PRF-19500. COTS devices are also available with space-level screening, manufactured in cleanrooms that are certified to Class H and K.

  • Space-level diode arrays
  • DC load switches
  • GaN FET Plus drivers
  • GaN half bridges
  • Solar array bypass diodes
  • Solar array blocking diodes

Sensitron's space power solutions are ideal for manufacturing reliable navigation/guidance systems, electrical power systems, solar arrays, power conditioning systems, satellite power distribution systems and for orbit control.

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