3DCM800 - 3DCM828

3DCM800 - 3DCM828

3DCM800 - 3DCM828

3D Plus

CMOS Space Camera Head, 12 Megapixels High Resolution CMOS Image Sensor, 1.1" optical format

The 3DCM800/3DCM828 CMOS Space Camera Head is a high-density, high-performance, high-resolution CMOS Camera Head for space applications. The 3DCM800/3DCM828 embeds a high-resolution CMOS image sensor (monochrome : P/N 3DCM800, RGB: P/N 3DCM828), offering multiples readout features (sub-sampling, ROI, multi-parameters). It embeds a high performance electronic architecture based on a reconfigurable FPGA associated with its TMR configuration memories, as well as volatile and non volatile memories. This allows for an efficient control of the sensor, as well as processing capacities for image pre-processing and formatting, making the 3DCM800/3DCM828 suitable for a large range of applications.

The 3DCM800/3DCM828 electrical interface offers multiple LVDS User IOs, usable for interfaces such as CameraLink or SpaceWire, for an easy integration into complex systems requiring high-speed and flexible data and image transmission. All needed power supplies are embedded in the camera module, which only requires a 5V input. The 3DCM800/3DCM828 CMOS Camera Head is based on 3D PLUS stacking technology, which is qualified for harsh environment, withstanding appreciable mechanical shock and vibrations, and 3D PLUS experience in space design and components choice, allowing for a high reliability and high density Camera Head.

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Attribute Value
  • 12 Mpixels CMOS global shutter image sensor
    • 4096 (H) x 3000 (V) active pixels (3.45 µm)
    • Read noise : 2e, Full Well Capacity > 11ke
    • Spectral Response: 400-1000 nm, QE : 71% @ 530 nm
    • Multiple modes (All-pixel scan, Readout, subsampling, ROI), 8/10/12 bits modes
    • Maximum framerate : 68/64/46 frame/s in 8/10/12 bit in all-pixel scan mode (@ sensor interface)
  • User-reconfigurable FPGA-Based Architecture
    • High-end FPGA (500K System Logic Cells)
    • 8Gb DDR3 and 48Gb NAND Flash memories
    • TMR SPI NOR configuration memory
    • LVDS 1v8, JTAG
    • Operating average power consumption : 5W @ 25°C
  • One single 5V input power supply needed
  • Integrated temperature sensors
  • Dual Thermal interface
  • TID 40 krads / SEL immune up to LET > 60 MeV.cm²/mg
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C
  • Ultra-miniaturised CMOS Camera Head (40x40x30 mm, weight less than 125g) with PGA package
Product Type 12 Megapixels CMOS Space Camera Head and IPs
Memory 8Gb DDR3 and 48Gb NAND Flash
Temperature Range -40°C / +70°C
Power Supply Single 5V power supply
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Attribute Value
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