Isolated Oscilloscope

The CS448 is a 1kV isolated channel oscilloscope designed to be useful anywhere isolation is needed - in particular power electronics. The CS448 supports - via the Cscope4 application- Frequency Response Analysis (using the built in isolated signal generator), Protocol decoding, Maths, streaming, Excel and Matlab connectivity, Spectrum Analysis, mixed signal triggering and display.
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Attribute Value
Relative Humidity 0°C to +40°C
Altitude <3,000m Operating, 15,000m Non-operating
Number of inputs 8.0000
Body Material Powder Coated Aluminium
Outputs Unfiltered, filtered
Analog Bandwidth 200MHz
Number of Channels 4.0000
Isolation Voltage 1kV working
CMRR > 120 dB at 1 MHz

> 115 dB at 10 MHz

> 100 dB at 50 MHz
ADC Resolution 14 bits
Input Ranges ±0.8V and ±8V
Sample Rate 400 MSPS
Sample Memory 250 M Samples
CM Leakage to Other Channels <-125dBc
Channel to Channel Skew < ±144ps
Cross Talk at 10.7 and 30MHz < -115 dBc
RMS Channel Noise 1M samples < 210 uV rms, ±0.8V range

< 2.1mv rms, ±8V range
Pk-Pk Channel Noise 1M Samples 1.8mVp-p for ±0.8V range

15mVp-p for ±8V range
Sample Clock Jitter 300 fs rms
Sample Clock Absolute Freq Accuracy ±2 ppm
Sample Clock Temp Stability ±0.5 ppm
Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) 11.6 bits, or 1 part in 3,300
Noise Free Bits 10.3 bits, or 1 part in 1300
Spectral Noise Floor No Protrusions -100 dBV

Sinad > 64 dBc at 1 MHz

> 63 dBc at 10 MHz

> 55 dBc at 30 MHz
HD2 +3 < -80dB at 1MHz

< -76 dB at 10 MHz

< -71 dB at 30 MHz
Pulse Flatness < 700uV < 1V
Overload Recovery 4ns
Maximum Differential Input Voltage ±1 kV, derated above 1 MHz.
Maximum Common Mode Input Voltage ±1 kV, derated above 10 MHz.
Spectral Flatness ±0.2dB from 0 - 160 MHz

-2 dB at 200 MHz
Input Resistance 1 M Ohm
Input Capacitance 20 pF
Isolation Capacitance < 14pf
Common Mode Transient Immunity 100 kV/us
Input Threshold - Max 2.3V rising 0.9V falling
Isolation Operating Voltage 880V DC Re-inforced insulation, EN61010-1

1130V DC Re-inforced insulation, CSA and IEC 60950-1
Maximum Data Rate 100 Mbps
Propagation Delay 13ns typ
Output Frequency Range DC - 65 MHz
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Unfiltered Rise & Fall Time 3.2ns
Sine Wave Flatness ±0.2 dB
DAC Resolution 12 bits
Output Amplitude ±1mV to ±3.5V p-p
Output Offset 0 to ±3.2V p-p
Throughput - USB 30 MBps and 130 MBps
Connector - USB USB-C
Protection - USB Common mode choke + ESD diodes
Indicators - USB USB on and correctly connected
Connection Method - Ethernet Small Form factor Pluggable module (SFP)
Wired Supported Modes - Ethernet Ethernet 10/100/1000
Optical Supported Mode - Ethernet Ethernet 1000BASE-LX
Throughput - Ethernet 12 MBps and 120 MBps
Connector - Ethernet SFP Socket
Indicators - Ethernet Ethernet on and correctly connected
Input Voltage Range - Power Supply 10-24 DC
Power Consumption - Power Supply 36W
Connector Power - Supply Barrel Socket, 2.5mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D
Protection - Power Supply Clamped to +68V

Clamped to -32V

Operates with 35V

Survives with 5V
Indicators - Power Supply Power On
Number Inputs / Outputs 16.0000
Logic Level Programmable 1.8 - 5V
Control IC Silego SLG46533V
Resources 24 Look Up Tables (LUTs)

Prog Oscillator, 25MHz, 2MHz, and 25 kHz.

Prog Delay, 3 Output

16x8 RAM and OTP

4 Analog Comparators

2 x Deglitch filters
Programming Silego GP Designer
Trigger - In/Out Bidirectional Trigger
Protection - Digital Port Over voltage protection to +12V and -6V
Digital Port Use 2 Digital In, 4 Digital Out
I2C Port 400 kbps port
SPI Port 1 MHz SPI Port
RS232/RS422 Port 3V level RS232 port, or differential RS422 port, programmable baud rate
Trigger Port Trigger In/Out and control
Protection Link Port Over voltage and reverse voltage protection using ESD devices
Clock Ports Reference clock, 500 kHz
Trigger Ports Trigger transfer
Control Ports Control signals
Signal 1 kHz Square Wave
Amplitude 5 -12V
Cooling Method Fan Assisted
THD < -76 dB at 1 MHz

< -74 dB at 10 MHz

< -67 dB at 30 MHz
Supported Modes - USB USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
Operating Temperature 0°C to +40°C
Included Accessories 4 off 1x/10x (8/80V) 250 Mhz probes
4 off 100x (800V) 250MHz MHz probes. If you wish these can be swapped for 200 x probes (1600V 350MHz)
4 off Scope probe cable Common mode chokes to reduce high edge rate ring.
2 off isolated digital channel pods (Chan 1-4 + Chan 5-8).
Power Supply + IEC cable for your country
USB3 cable
SMA - BNC adaptor for signal generator.
SFP module for Ethernet - choose optical or copper
CD with application, data sheet and user manual. Drivers coming soon.
Install app note.
Rise Time 3ns
Dimensions Height 55 mm Width 164 mm Length 247 mm
More Information
Attribute Value
Data Sheet Click here to view