Timing Solutions

Timing Solutions

APC Technology Group offers a full portfolio of high-end crystal, rubidium and integrated GPS/GNSS clocks and reference oscillators for network timing, telecom, defence, navigation, broadcast, instrumentation and space applications.

Rubidium Sources

  • A wide range of products from PCB mount modules to complete rubidium system sources and test sets.
  • Low power, small size and weight, “MiniRB” atomic RB clock for low-cost applications. Space qualified rubidium and maser sources upon request.

Synchronised RB Sources

  • Synchronised clocks are based upon rubidium synchronised reference oscillators (SROs) or rubidium synchronised crystal oscillators (SXOs) and can be used as references for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, LORAN-C, Cesium and E1/T1. Available as board-level products including plug and play demo/engineering kits, system modules and system solutions. 1” high rack mount versions with portable battery-powered options are available.

Reference Frequency Distribution Systems

  • Amplified frequency distribution systems that utilise either Coax or Fibre for the distribution of frequency reference signals to multiple locations, with distances of up to 2km.

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