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TRAD Tests & Radiations

For more than 25 years, TRAD Tests & Radiation has been recognised for its unique expertise in the effects of radiation. For organisations looking to predict and minimise the effects of radiation on their products, TRAD offer a full range of services and products to meet all the requirements of the radiation insurance process or applicable standards.

As a TRAD Tests & Radiations partner, APC Technology Group are able to assist the nature of your needs in terms of radiation. APC’s high-reliability component team are on hand to provide you with the most appropriate solutions.

TRAD Activity Areas

TRAD Tests and radiations testing labTRAD Tests and radiations testing lab

Radiation test services for Total Dose ( TI), TNID and Single event effects SEE

For more than 20 years, TRAD have tested over 5,000 references, across all technologies, from transistors to processors, tpower MOSFETs to FPGAs and optocouplers to microcontrollers. TRAD's testing facility is equipped to test all effect types such as, TID, SEE (heavy ions, protons, neutrons), TNID, according to current ECSS and MIL-STD standards.

Radiation Tests

  • Total IonisingDose -TID-HDR-LDR
  • Displacement Damage -TNID
  • Single Event Effects -Heavy Ions & Protons
TRAD Tests and radiations engineeringTRAD Tests and radiations engineering

Radiation Engineering Services

Radiation constraints are crucial for electronic equipment development space projects. Radiation assurance consists of all activities undertaken to ensure that space system electronics comply with all specifications after exposure to space radiation.
Radiation assurance is a key phase when selecting components that hold sufficient tolerance to radiation effects from the beginning of the design phase. TRAD’s radiation engineering department work directly with their clients throughout the whole radiation assurance process:

Radiation Engineering Process

  • Assist you in any step of the RHA process
  • Evaluate the radiation sensitivity of your components - TID, TNID, SEU and SET
  • Model your structures and calculate the received doses using Fastrad
  • Develop customised tools for your analysis
  • Offer training on radiation effects in the space environment
TRAD Tests and radiations fastrad softwareTRAD Tests and radiations fastrad software

Radiation Engineering Services

OMERE software is dedicated to space environments and radiation effects on electronic devices. Developed by TRAD, OMERE supports the CNES, based on the requirements of world-leading space agencies, the largest satellite integrators, subsystems and electronic components manufacturers.

OMERE computes the space environment in terms of particle fluxes and radiation effects on electronic devices in terms of dose, displacement damage, single event effects and solar cell degradation.

Developed for industrial needs, OMERE is an efficient tool which allows you to perform accurate radiation analyses with ease.

Radiation effects assessed using OMERE

  • Dose depth curve calculation using SHIELDOSE2 for TID analysis,
  • Displacement Dose Equivalent Fluence (DDEF) depth curve calculation for TNID analysis for any target material. NIEL data can be obtained using the NEMO database provided by ONERA.
  • SEE rate calculation based on Weibull parameters that can be extracted from user-defined cross-sections for heavy ions and protons.
  • Solar cell degradation using the JPL and NRL methods.

Class 3+ certified range of R2COTS components

For customers looking to build for New Space applications, APC offer TRAD’s Class 3+ certified range of R2COTS components. Removing the reliance of expensive Class 1, full hardened, qualified, and screened parts, TRAD’s Class 3+ certified parts offer the desired level of reliability and radiation tolerance at reduced costs and in higher production volumes. This is achieved using automotive COTS, AEC-Q qualified and Enhanced Product parts which have passed TRAD’s stringent irradiation tests.

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