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Epoxy High Current Diodes

K-series – High voltage, high current epoxy diodes. 1.5 Amps to 3.0 Amps, 100nS, 200nS, 3000nS

Voltage Multipliers Inc. (VMI) are a leading manufacturer of Epoxy High Current Diodes.

1.5 Amps to 3.0 Amps, 100nS, 200nS, 3000nS.

APC Technology Group's team of Hi-Rel experts works alongside VMI's own team of engineers to address the technical requirements from product development to the design stage, through to production manufacturing. Our specialist Hi-Rel component team offers expert technical advice and guidance, along with supported pricing for your high voltage project needs.

Epoxy High Current Diodes

 Part Number Vrwm (kW) Io (mA) Trr (nS)


K50S 5 2200 3000 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View
K50F 5 2200 200 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View
K50UF 5 2200 100 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View
K100S 10 1500 3000 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View
K100F 10 1500 200 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View
K100UF 10 1500 100 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View
K25S 3 3000 3000 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View
K25F 3 3000 200 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View
K25UF 3 3000 100 Axial-Leaded, Epoxy View


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