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vmi surface mount diodevmi surface mount diode

High Voltage Surface Mount Diodes

VMI Surface Mount Diode packages. Moulded and formed Lead Diodes

Voltage Multipliers Inc. (VMI) are a leading manufacturer of High Voltage Surface Mount Diodes.

Specially designed for use with automatic insertion equipment with increased creepage distance between the anode and cathode, 2kV, 3kV, 5kV and 15kV, 100nS-, 70nS, 50nS, 30nS and high temperature, 200°C, 2kV, 3kV, and 5kV Diodes.

Film-assisted molding

VMI’s film-assisted moulding and laser marking process is utilised in their over-moulded SMF and SXF diode manufacturing. Film-assisted moulding improves reliability and manufacturability of parts and the addition of the laser marking includes a 2D barcode providing lot traceability for each diode produced.

APC Technology Group's team of Hi-Rel component experts works alongside VMI's own team of engineers to address the technical requirements from product development to the design stage, through to production manufacturing. Our specialist Hi-Rel component team offers expert technical advice and guidance, along with supported pricing for your high voltage application and project needs.

VMI Molded and formed Lead Diodes

 Part Number Vrwm (kW) Io (mA) Trr (nS)


SXFL6527 10 100 70 Epoxy J-Lead View
SXF6521 2 500 70 Epoxy J-Lead View
SXFL6525 5 150 70 Epoxy J-Lead View
SMF6531HT 3 100 70 Epoxy, J-Lead, High Temp View
SXF20FF3 2 420 30 Epoxy, J-Lead View
Z50FF3LL 5 800 30 Formed-Lead View
1N6839LL 5 1000 50 Formed-Lead View
1N6837LL 5 750 30 Formed-Lead View
SXF6525 5 150 70 Epoxy, J-Lead View
SMF6533HT  5 50 70 Epoxy, J-Lead, High Temp View
1N6515LL 3 2500 70 Formed-Lead View
SXF6523 3 250 70 Epoxy, J-Lead View
Z50FF3LLHT 5 800 30 Formed-Lead, High Temp View
SMF6531  3 100 70 Epoxy, J-Lead View
SMF6529  2 250 70 Epoxy, J-Lead View
SXF20FF3HT  2 420 30 Epoxy, J-Lead, High Temp View
SMF150 15 10 100 Epoxy, J-Lead View
SMF150HT 15 10 100 Epoxy, J-Lead, High Temp View


Ask a member of team

Our specialist Hi-Rel components team have a long heritage supporting high voltage projects. Our team of experts can offer technical advice and insight relating to Voltage Multiplier Inc. products and solutions.


Request a callback from a member of our team to get dedicated one-to-one support with your latest projects and applications.


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