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VMI Product Change Notice CAA2488

PCN release date: 11/07/2023

Product(s) affected


Description of change

VMI is changing the mould used to make the OZ100SG from the VMI 3946 (a square-shaped mould) to the VMI 4168 (a cylindrical-shaped mould with half-sphere end caps). Fit and form for the part will be affected by this change. The diode used will be the same, so the function (electrical performance) will be unaffected. The label for the optocoupler will change from showing the part number, VMI logo, and cathode band on the body to just having two cathode bands on the lead of the part.

Reason for change

The initial square mould that was used was intended for prototyping and is not ideal for the moulding process. The mould VMI will be switching to, the VMI 4168, has more cavities and, due to the shape, is easier to use with fewer moulding issues. The label change is due to not having a flat surface to fully label and to improve ease of labeling since the part will not have to be sanded to accept the label.


Form and Fit

Description of impact

The new package for the OZ100SG will be slightly longer and cylindrical instead of having flat sides. As VMI moves to more modern moulding techniques using the VMI 4168, delivery schedules should be more reliable as the moulding process becomes more predictable.

Last-time buy date of the unchanged product: 01/09/2023

Estimated first ship date for the change: 01/09/2023

Customer qualification samples available: Upon request

Method of identifying changed product (if applicable)

Date code: n/a

Serial number: n/a

Other: n/a

Description: Change in the physical shape of the optocoupler and the cathode band


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