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Electronic Testing Solutions for Automotive Applications

Electronic Testing Solutions for Automotive Applications

Accelerate your progress with the latest test and measurement solutions.

In today’s connected cars, technologies such as high-speed data communications, wireless communications, radar and power supplies are driving new standards and new challenges for testing and verification.

APC Technology Group, and our sister company MDL Technologies, are premium distribution partners for Keysight, Tektronix, Chroma, Thyphoon HIL, Hioki and more, and can offer you some of the widest range of automotive electronic testing solutions backed up by the technical and product expertise of our engineer field sales team.



ETS-Lindgren powers automotive manufacturers’ business with solutions that ensure the vehicles they put on roads around the globe can perform without electromagnetic interference.

Wavecontrol designs and manufactures professional instruments for the evaluation, measurement and monitoring of the electromagnetic fields (EMF), present in our private and working environment, concerning the people’s health. The three main lines of products are hand-held EMF meters (SMP2 and probes), LF and RF personal monitors (WaveMon).

The pace of digital transformation in the automotive industry has never been faster. Advances in high-speed data communications, power electronics and battery technology are enabling higher performance resulting in safer, more efficient vehicles while creating new challenges for engineers. Tektronix exists to provide you with instrumentation solutions to address today’s automotive challenges and those to come.

The automotive industry is accelerating its electronic technology revolution and fusing with the clean energy ecosystem. With the rapid advances in e-mobility, autonomous driving, connected cars, and automotive electronics, the capabilities we marvel at today may seem basic in just a few years. Keysight empowers automotive industry designers and manufacturers with the latest innovations in design and test solutions to help create high-quality and high-performance products while mitigating safety risks.

Our Hardware in the Loop (HIL) solution was tailor-built, without any compromises, for the design and testing of power electronics controllers for Electric Vehicles (EV), e-Mobility, and power converters. HIL solutions for EV drivetrains, electric vehicle stationary equipment (EVSE) such as fast DC chargers, onboard vehicle chargers, DC/DC converters, hybrid drivetrains, batteries, and fuel cells.

Bird is recognized as the expert in RF communications, measurement and management providing innovative RF products, systems, services and educational solutions to the wireless industry. 

Chroma has been competitive in electric vehicle (EV) industry for many years setting up long-term relationships with many well-known car manufacturers and key EV component (including battery) providers. Furthermore, Chroma has comprehensive test solutions for battery cells, battery modules, battery packs, battery management system (BMS), on-board chargers, DC converters, EVSE, wireless charger, and electrical safety.

Hioki offers new measurement value with instruments that are uniquely suited to electrification and increasingly sophisticated electronic control, including revolutionary no-metal-contact sensors; high-voltage, MHz-band insulation measurement; proprietary current sensor technologies; and multichannel, extended-duration recording capabilities.

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