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Keysight ATE System DC Power Supplies

APC Technology Group is a leading UK Keysight Premium Plus Partner. As a long-standing authorised Keysight distributor, APC provides a range of higher specification Keysight test equipment not available from other UK distributors. APC also offer exclusive discounts and supported pricing, with technical expertise and product support from our team of in-house engineers and test equipment experts.

Reduce Integration Time, and speed tests with Keysight's ATE Systems

For over 50 years, Keysight's automated test equipment (ATE) power supplies have changed how engineers validate their designs, understand issues, and ensure product quality. The compact design of Keysight's programmable ATE power supplies makes it easy to integrate them into any system. Keysight power supplies make it easy to update a test program with modern interfaces, LXI-core capability, and SCPI language. In addition, Keysight’s ATE power supplies will accelerate test times with rapid command processing and settling times.

Keysight ATE System DC Power SuppliesKeysight ATE System DC Power Supplies

Find the ATE System Power Supply Series That’s Right for You

Select the right power and performance level for your system


N6900 Series Advanced Power Systems

1,000 to 2,000 W

Single-output programmable power supplies with advanced features and plenty of speed

keysight N7972A Advanced Power System Dynamic DC Power Supplykeysight N7972A Advanced Power System Dynamic DC Power Supply

N7900 Series Advanced Power Systems

1,000 to 2,000 W

Single-output programmable power supplies with advanced features and plenty of speed

Keysight RP7933A Regenerative Power SystemKeysight RP7933A Regenerative Power System

RP7900 Series Regenerative Power Supplies

5,000 to 20,000 W

Single-output regenerative power supplies with bidirectional operation

Keysight Bench DC Power Supplies

What is a variable DC power supply?
It is a power source with an output voltage that the user can vary. Keysight variable DC power supplies allow you to change the voltage and the current to the DUT.

Why is a DC power source needed?

A DC power source provides a constant biasing voltage or current to electrical devices, components, or circuits and ensures that the DUT operates as expected.

How do you use a DC power source?
A DC power source connects to a DUT via leads that connect to the DC power supply panel. Engineers can set voltages or current levels to power the device for testing purposes.

How does a DC power source work?

A DC power source converts alternating current (AC) power into DC power using either a linear or switching methodology. A switching power supply has higher efficiency, reduced weight, and smaller size. Linear power supplies can achieve lower noise, but modern switching supplies have minimized or eliminated this advantage.

What is a bench DC power supply?
A bench DC power supply is designed to sit on an engineer’s bench. It will typically have a large, legible display and a user interface so engineers can easily control all aspects of the power supply from the front panel. Users can also control modern bench power supplies via software. In addition, the output terminals are easily accessible from the front.

Bench power supplies are handy tools for testing circuits, as they allow you to adjust the voltage on the fly. If you have a project that needs a specific voltage or haven’t designed the power section yet, a bench power supply can be a lifesaver.

What is an ATE system power supply?
Automated test equipment (ATE) system power supplies are programmable power supplies designed for use in ATE systems. Size is a crucial factor; ATE power supplies with greater power density take up less rack space and reduce the factory floor space required for test equipment.

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