Isobaud Inc Signs Distribution Agreement with APC Technology Group

Isobaud Inc. signs distribution agreement with APC Technology Group

APC Technology Group is pleased to announce its distribution agreement with Isobaud Inc. for high-reliability optoelectronic solutions for the aerospace, defence and medical markets.

Continuing it's recent expansion into Europe, APC Technology Group has signed a distribution agreement with Isobaud Inc, a leading provider of radiation-tolerant optoelectronics and sensor solutions. With more a wealth of experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions, Isobaud's high-performance hybrids and hermetic packages will be offered to customers alongside custom solutions to meet the needs of demanding applications.

The new agreement with Isobaud will further strengthen APC's ability to meet the demands of the Mil-Aero segment, by combining Isobaud's expertise in radiation-tolerant optoelectronics with APC's existing range of high-reliability electronic components. Together,  APC and Isobaud are poised to support the next generation of aerospace and defence programs.

“I am extremely excited to be able to bring Isobaud's high-performance, reliable radiation-tolerant solutions in hermetic and hybrid packages to our aerospace, defence, and healthcare customers.”

Giovanni Di Salvo | Isobaud Product Manager, APC Technology Italy

"We are excited to collaborate with APC Technology Group to bring our high reliability optoelectronics to a wider audience. This agreement allows us to leverage our technical expertise collectively to address the evolving needs of our customers in the Mil-Aero segment....... Isobaud Inc looks forward to a fruitful partnership with APC as we work together to deliver innovative and reliable solutions for mission-critical applications."

Manor Narayananat | CEO, Isobaud Inc

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ISOBAUD Inc. was founded by veterans in the High Rel Optoelectronics Product Segment and is based in Santa Clara California. ISOBAUD Inc. design and manufacture High-Performance hybrids and hermetic packages for aerospace, industrial, military and medical applications. ISOBAUD is focused in providing solutions for aerospace, healthcare and military markets. We will work with end users to deliver custom solutions following the highest quality standards.

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