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High Voltage Power Supplies for Portable X-Ray Machines

Portable XRS X-Ray Power Supplies for Medical Applications Requiring -50kV and 10W. Lightweight, Rugged and Compact.

Available in -40kV, 100uA or -50kV 200uA outputs.

Voltage Multipliers Inc. (VMI) manufacturers High Voltage Diodes, Optocouplers, Multipliers, Rectifiers and Power Supplies.

As an official distributor for VMI in the UK and Ireland, APC Technology Group work closely with VMI to assist our customers in product development from the design stage through to production manufacturing with extensive testing, design verification, production support and custom design services.

Unmatched Portability, Uncompromised High Performance

About VMI's XRS Series

Voltage Multiplier Inc. (VMI) offers an innovative solution with the XRS Series of high-performance power supplies. Designed specifically for portable and handheld radiography machines, VMI's XRS Series empowers medical professionals to deliver clear, reliable X-rays in any setting.

VMI's range of high-voltage X-ray power supplies are designed specifically for the demanding requirements of handheld and portable X-ray machines. The XRS series provides 4 to 10 watts of output power up to -40kV and -50kV max. The outputs are fully adjustable over the specified operating range. Rugged and lightweight, the XRS series brings you the features you need with the proven reliability and quality built into all VMI's products.

Key Features:

  • Voltage & current programming
  • Voltage & current monitoring
  • Low ripple
  • Excellent load & line regulation
  • Lightweight




Input Voltage 7-12VDC 9-12VDC
Reverse Polarity Protection Series Diode None
Max. Output Power 4 Watts 10 Watts
Output Voltage Range -10kVDC to -40kVDC -10kVDC to -50kVDC
Output Voltage Range 0 to 100µA 0 to 200µA

Use of High-Voltage Power Supplies in Portable X-Ray Machines

In portable radiography machines, the X-ray source (XRS) power supply plays a vital role in generating the X-rays necessary for medical imaging. This critical component functions by significantly boosting the relatively low voltage of the machine's battery (typically 14.4V or 18V) to a much higher range, often between 50kV and 100kV. This high voltage is then utilised within the X-ray tube to accelerate electrons to high speeds. When these accelerated electrons collide with a metal target within the tube, they lose energy and release X-rays for diagnostic purposes.

Voltage Multiplier Inc. (VMI) High-Voltage XRS Series

Voltage Multiplier Inc. (VMI) presents a revolutionary solution with the XRS Series of high-performance power supplies, tailored for portable and handheld radiography machines. This series enables medical professionals to produce clear, reliable X-rays in any environment, providing  4 to 10 watts of output power up to  -40kV and -50kV max.

The outputs are fully adjustable over the specified operating range. Rugged and lightweight, the XRS series brings you the features you need with the proven reliability and quality built into all VMI's products.

Whether you require a power supply for a high-frequency X-ray generator, a dental X-ray unit, or a handheld C-arm system, VMI's portable x-ray power supplies provide the perfect solution. 

Main Portable X-Ray Power Supply Features:

  • Unmatched Image Quality: Experience consistent, high-resolution X-rays with VMI's precise high-voltage control and advanced emission loop technology.
  • Enhanced Portability: Maintain manoeuvrability in tight spaces or remote locations thanks to the compact and lightweight design of the XRS Series.
  • Extended Battery Life: Maximise uptime and efficiency with VMI's optimised power management systems, allowing you to perform more examinations on a single charge.
  • Safety First: The XRS Series prioritises safety with built-in overcurrent and overheating protection, ensuring a safe working environment for both operators and patients.

Portable X-Ray Power Supply Applications:

Portable X-ray power supplies offer a significant advantage over traditional, facility-based X-ray systems; their portability. This allows medical professionals to perform X-ray imaging on patients who are unable to travel or in situations where immediate on-site imaging is crucial. Here are some key applications of portable X-rays, along with the locations and reasons for their use:

Medical Settings

  • Emergency Departments: In fast-paced emergency situations, portable X-rays are used to quickly assess fractures, sprains, and other injuries. This allows for prompt diagnosis and treatment decisions without needing to wait for transfer to X-ray facilities.
  • Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and Critical Care Settings: Critically ill patients may be too unstable to move for X-rays. Portable X-rays can be brought to the bedside to assess conditions like pneumonia or broken ribs without causing further stress to the patient.
  • Operating Rooms: During some surgeries, surgeons may need real-time X-ray images to guide procedures. Portable X-ray systems are ideal for this purpose due to their maneuverability within the sterile operating environment.

In The Field

  • Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities: For elderly or immobile residents, portable X-rays eliminate the need for transport to a hospital for imaging, offering a more comfortable and less disruptive experience.
  • Field Medicine and Remote Locations: Medical personnel working in disaster zones, rural areas, or on battlegrounds often rely on portable X-rays to provide critical medical care where traditional X-ray machines are unavailable.
  • Veterinary Care: Portable X-rays are commonly used in veterinary clinics and for large animals that cannot be easily transported for traditional X-ray imaging.

10kV to 25kV High Voltage Opto couplers

Introducing VMI’s New 20kV Optocouplers — OC200G and OC200HG 

Available in a clear molded package, VMI’s 10kV and 15kV version optocouplers are fabricated with two infrared LEDs. VMI’s 25kV optocoupler, the OC250 is assembled in shell with enough isolation to allow it to be operated in air without the need for additional insulation. All optocouplers are rated for 25kV isolation voltage between the LEDs and the high voltage diode.

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