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Mission-Critical Resistive Products

Chip resistors designed to meet the demanding applications of the Defence, Aerospace, Communications and Medical industries.

State of the Art, Inc is a leading supplier of thick and thin film resistive components. Having developed the now industry-standard nickel barrier to virtually eliminate solder leaching and inter-metallic formation, State of the Art went on to become the first MIL-PRF-55342 QPL-qualified S-level manufacturer, and today continues to provide engineers with products with the lowest failure rate in the world.


An extensive inventory of over 50 million chip resistors enables State of the Art to provide quick delivery on small to large volume quantities. Backed by APC's team of High-Reliability component specialists, together ACP and State of the Art are sure to meet your resistive product needs.

Standard-Grade Resistors

Ideal for non-mission-critical applications. These products are designed for reliability and only differ from defence-grade resistance products in the screening performed. Standard -grade products are subject to DC resistance on a 100% basis, and solderability, temperature coefficient of resistance, and visual inspection on a sample basis during manufacturing. Standard-grade resistors are not subject to any lot acceptance testing.

High-Reliability Resistors

High-reliability products are ideal for use in mission-critical applications where QPL products are not available or are not adequate. High-reliability products include DLA Land and Maritime drawings, customer source control drawings, and State of the Art's own test protocols based on MIL-PRF-55342 created for customer convenience. Most of the high-reliability screening performed is based upon the lot acceptance testing of MIL-PRFF-55342.

Defence-Grade Resistors

MIL-PRF-55342 chip resistors are subject to in-process inspections and Group A, B, and C lot acceptance testing. MIL-PRF-55342 resistors are maintained at s failure rate level on the basis of life testing. State of the Art, Inc. is listed on the QPL55342 (fixed chip resistors) for all product levels (M, P, R, S, U, V, and space level T) and all 13 slash sheets. Similarly, they are listed on QPL32159 (zero ohm chip resistors) for product levels M and space level T and all 13 slash sheets. State of the Art are also listed on QPL914 (surface mount resistor networks) for the / 03, / 04, and / 05 slash sheets.

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