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Quarra 1 Gbps PTP Ethernet rackmount switch with dual power suppy and SyncE

Artel’s Quarra range of IP PTP switches is designed for Carrier Class applications where accurate timing and control is required.
These switches are aimed at the professional markets of Audio/Video Broadcast, Defense & Security, Finance, Utilities, Telecom, and Enterprise IT.
The Quarra switches are designed as either a standard 1RU rackmount unit with dual power supplies, or a half-width 1RU unit with a single power supply, the switches are available in several configurations of 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit interfaces, supporting a best-in-class layer 2 IEEE 1588v2 algorithm.
A 1pps external reference input from GPS is included as standard, and options include an internal layer 1 Synchronous Ethernet module.
Quarra switches also support IGMP v2/3, QoS, protection switching, VLAN, MEF service delivery and network OAM.

Quarra switches support SMPTE Standards-based Timing ST 2110-10 and ST 2059-2 SMPTE and are RAVENNA AES67 approved.
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390-280319-00 Specifications

  • Industry’s most Accurate IEEE 1588 Timing & Synchronization for nanosecond accurate timing.
  • Synchronous (L1) Ethernet, Master and Slave. Precision clock timing using DSPLL® technology.
  • 1pps reference. Network wide synchronization using IEEE1588 or SyncE.
  • SMPTE Standards-based Timing
  • ST 2110-10 System Timing and Definition
  • ST 2059-2 SMPTE Profile for Use of IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol in Professional Broadcast Applications
  • Ravenna AES67 approved.
  • IEEE802.1 AVB.
  • Full management from Web GUI or command line interface. No training required-units can be quickly and easily configured.
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Attribute Value
Product Brand Name Quarra
Manufacturer Artel
Form 1RU rackmount
Electrical Rating 100-240Vac, 0.4-0.2A, 50-60Hz , 50Watts (Maximum)
Relative Humidity 12 to 95% (non-condensing)
Height 44.45mm
Width 438.15mm
Depth 203.2mm
  • Live video/audio broadcast/production over IP utilizing IEEE1588 timing, QoS and Multicast filtering.
  • Broadcast DTT/DTV IP distribution, utilizing IEEE1588 and SyncE timing to replace or backup GPS timing at base stations.
  • Telecom networks, providing high level of network timing.
  • Financial/trading networks, utilizing our IEEE1588 precise nanosecond time synchronization.
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Carrier Ethernet Layer-2 IEEE 1588v2 : Precision Time Protocol (PTP) timing and synchronization
IEEE 802.1ad : Provider bridging (VLAN Q-in-Q) switch - 8 MACs, 4K VLANs
Per queue MEF E-LINE or per port MEF E-LAN, E-TREEService Points
- Per port per queue Dual Leaky Bucket Service Policers with PCP or DSCP remarking per Service port
- Static tagging options per Service Point
OAM Hardware for generating CCM messages, CCM checking is done by software
- Software of OAM and protection switching
Quality of Service EPS and ERPS Protection Switching
TCAM-based VLAN classification and translation with pattern matching against Layer-2 through Layer-4 information
Up to 256 QoS and VLAN TCAM entries
Eight QoS queues per port with strict or deficit weighted round-robin scheduling (DWRR)
DSCP translation, both ingress and/or egress
DSCP remarking based on QoS and VLAN TCAM entries
VLAN (PCP, DEI and VID) translation, both ingress and egress
Per-queue, per-port policing and shaping, programmable in steps of 100 kbps
Per-flow policing through TCAM-based pattern matching, Up to 256 policers
Full-duplex flow control (IEEE 802.3x) and half-duplex backpressure, symmetric and asymmetric
Layer 2 Switch Port mirroring
Port-based access control
IEEE 802.3ad : Link aggregation
IEEE 802.1x : Network Access Control
IEEE 802.1w : Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1s : Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Independent and shared VLAN learning
256 VLAN egress tagging TCAM entries
Link aggregation traffic distribution is programmable and based on Layer-2 through Layer-4 information
Basic Switching - Forwarding, address learning and address aging
VLAN IEEE 802.1Q (4,096 VLAN’s) - Push / pop / translate up to two VLAN tags; translation in ingress and / or egress
8,192 MAC addresses. Including Generic Attribute Registration Protocol (GARP)
Wire-speed hardware-based learning and CPU-based learning configurable per port
Multicast 8K Layer-2 Multicast group addresses with 64 port masks
8K IPv4/IPv6 multicast groups
Internet Group Management Protocol v2 & v3
Multicast Listener Discovery (MLDv1)
Multicast Listener Discovery (MLDv2) with source specific multicast forwarding
Temperature Range 0-40C
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