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RF Rotary Joints and Integrated Rotating Subsystems

Diamond Antenna rotary joints are electro-mechanical devices used to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals through a rotational interface via waveguide or coaxial lines. Ancillary items can be incorporated to pass system power, data signals, fiber connections, air and/or fluid to form a complex integrated rotational subsystem. Diamond supplies these items for a wide variety of applications including military and commercial Satcom and Radar for ground, shipboard, and airborne systems. Specialised designs are available for Air Traffic Control and Weather Radar, Space Platforms, and Medical applications. Additionally, Diamond will overhaul and repair aged products to like-new condition regardless of the original manufacturer.

Military RF Rotary Joints

APC supplies a wide range of DIamond RF rotary joints and rotating subsystems, designed for the demanding environments of military radar and SATCOM applications.

Commercial RF Rotary Joints

RF Rotary Joints for Commercial applications to support high-volume productions, including compact/low-profile designs and integrated Slip Rings for AC/DC power and signal transfer.

Weather Radar RF Rotary Joints

RF rotary joints for weather radars, including high-power dual polarisation doppler radars with integrated slip ring/roll-ring and fiber optic channels.

Space Qualified Rotary Joints

For over 35 years, Diamond Antenna and Microwave have designed, manufactured and delivered high-performance space-qualified rotary joints to multiple worldwide programs. 

RF Rotary Joint Overhaul & Repair

Bring new life to your ageing system - Keeping an RF rotary joint operational at an affordable price is increasingly important in today’s environment.

APC Technology Group are able to support RF rotary joint repair and maintenance. Contact our team of RF experts today:

Need advice on selecting the right rotary joint for your application?

The production process for RF rotary joints and integrated rotating subsystems varies; with a broad range of specifications by market. Selecting a standard or custom-built solution for your application requires multiple steps to ensure reliability, safety, and efficiency. APC's specialist RF and Microwave team can offer the guidance and support you need to find the right parts.

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