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EMI Filter Modules

Customised for your most challenging EMI filtering requirements.

APC Technology Group is an authorised distributor of EMI Solutions Inc, offering a comprehensive range of their products for the military and aerospace industries. APC’s comprehensive range covers EMI Solutions EMI FlexFilter Inserts, EMI Filtered Connectors, EMI Filter Modules, EMI Feed Throughfilters and Cable Assemblies.

In addition to providing the full range of standard products, APC also offers support for custom EMI designs. Contact a member of our technical team today to discuss your EMI requirements.

Custom Configuration Available

APC offers one of the most comprehensive lines of custom EMI filter modules from EMI Solutions.  In addition to our broad range of EMI products, APC support with custom configurations for Military Communications, Aerospace, Transportation and SATCOM applications.

Types of Filtering:

  • PI filtering
  • Inductive
  • Resistive
  • Capacitive
  • Differential signal balancing (C-L-R)
  • Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) diode
  • Combination (C+L or PI +TVS)

Interface Options:

  • Mil-Circular
  • D-Sub
  • RJ45
  • Terminal Locks
  • USB
  • Wired Terminations
  • Additional Options Available

EMI FlexFilter Inserts


EMI Filtered Connectors

EMI Feedthrough FiltersEMI Feedthrough Filters

EMI Feedthrough Filters

Cable Assemblies

Get expert advice and technical support

To find out more about the range of EMI solutions on offer from APC Technology Group contact a member of our team to arrange demos, online meetings and access to further technical resources and datasheets.