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Healthcare Technologies

APC supports OEMs and CEMs in the medical industry with the latest healthcare technology from leading manufacturers.


High-quality solutions in compliance with medical-grade standards

Medical equipment design is a complex landscape. Design engineers and medical OEMs require reliable, efficient, cost-effective parts to produce equipment that is future-proofed and safe. Being able to resolve the challenges of delivering new medical products to market efficiently means OEMs need a reliable, knowledgeable partner to support them.

A reliable and valuable source for IOMT industrial computers and embedded platforms

For over 40 years, APC has supported the medical industry with technology that powers modern, smart hospitals and enables caregivers to keep patients safe. APC provides access to a range of solutions from its network of global, technology specialists. As a leading distributor in the UK and Ireland, APC works closely with its technology partners to deliver products that enable innovation – helping medical OEMs and manufacturers to develop the next generation of healthcare systems and devices.

Expert technical advice and guidance, along with supported pricing for your individual project needs

As medical equipment typically requires a longer design cycle than other types of equipment, with a greater life expectancy, many of APC’s partners offer long-term support for their standard and custom-designed solutions.

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advantech iomtadvantech iomt
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Healthcare Technology Solutions

Embedded computing for medical applications

iomt embedded solutionsiomt embedded solutions

Advantech offers a range of systems and boards tailored to meet the specific computing and device needs of the medical industry. They use advanced, innovative and world-leading technologies to provide high-quality solutions. Advantech holds the most complete ISO certifications in the IPC industry.

Medical power supplies
EMI filters

medical power suppliesmedical power supplies

Offering both off-the-shelf and custom power supplies that range from 5W to 550W as standard, Astrodyne has a vast catalogue of medically certified power solutions designed to fit any medical application – with all models carrying the necessary certifications to meet a minimum of EN60601-1 (3rd Edition).

Medical computing

medical grade computers medical grade computers

The iHealthcare range from Advantech is a collection of patient focused care enhancement systems designed for modern, smart hospitals. With decades of proven experience, Advantech has developed high-performance as well as medical-grade products aimed at mission-critical healthcare applications.