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PTPv2 Setup Package for Broadcast Environments

Designed to include all the equipment you need to get started with a professional broadcast PTPv2 network installation

Featuring reliable solutions for IP broadcast environments from the world's leading manufacturers

APC Technology Group is the exclusive distributor for Meinberg in the UK and Ireland. Meinberg is the global leading manufacturer of IP time synchronisation solutions for the broadcast industry and their solutions integrate effortlessly with technologies from other manufacturers who build reliable and cost-effective networking solutions that are available from APC.

The professional broadcasting industry is evolving its studio infrastructures from traditional video/audio signal distribution using SDI for video and AES for audio towards a full IP-based production as described in the SMPTE suite of standards for professional media over IP Networks (SMPTE ST 2110).

Everything you need to get started with PTPv2

Meinberg microSync Broadcast

Meinberg's microSync for broadcast is a powerful dual-port PTP generator, supporting the SMPTE ST 2059-2 profile and offering a high level of efficiency and flexibility. The Meinberg microSync is available in a compact, space-saving half-rack design and in a 19-inch rack-mount enclosure which additionally offers redundant power supplies and an OLED display as an option.

Artel 1G Quarra

Artel’s Quarra 1G PTP Ethernet switches are carrier-grade Ethernet switches with one of the industry’s most accurate IEEE 1588v2 timing capabilities. Ideal for pro-AV, audio, video and broadcast environments, the Quarra range is available in a compact desktop form factor as well as a standard 1RU size with dual power supply and SyncE.

Oregano syn1588 PCI Express Card

Oregano Systems syn1588® PCIe is an Express Gbit network interface card with IEEE1588 hardware support. A PC equipped with the syn1588® PCIe NIC receives highly accurate time (<10 ns) independent from network utilisation and CPU load without real-time requirements for the node’s operating system.

Meinberg PTPv2 Client

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Meinberg PTP Track Hound v2

PTP Track Hound v2 is a tool that can be used to easily log, review, and analyse PTP (IEEE1588) traffic in a given network. Unlike widely used and generic traffic sniffers which serve as packet sniffers for more conventional diagnosis and analysis, PTP Track Hound is specifically designed for the monitoring and analysis of PTP traffic, generating reports, charts, and illustrative diagrams for this purpose. While generic traffic sniffers focus on communication between two devices, PTP Track Hound has been conceived from the ground up with an awareness that relationships between devices in a PTP network are only usefully understood in the context of an entire PTP network.

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