EMI Solutions Inc

EMI Solutions

Eliminate High Frequency Noise and Transients with American made EMI Filters, Connectors and Modules.

EMI Solutions provides a wide range of cost effective, easy-to-use EMI FlexFilter inserts configured to your unique Mil-Circular and D-Subminiature performance requirements. 

EMI FlexFilter Inserts

EMI’s FlexFilter inserts are available in multiple shell sizes with various capacitances and pin configurations, designed to your specific requirements.

EMI Filtered Connectors

Standard and customized Mil-Circular, D-Sub and Micro-D EMI Filtered connectors for Military Communications, Aerospace, Transportation and SATCOM applications.

EMI Filter Modules

We are Custom Design specialists, manufacturing filter and transient suppression modules in multi-port configurations.

EMI Feed Thru Filters

Feed Thru Filters offer high performance and unmatched reliability for critical EMI filter applications.

Cable Assemblies

Our Cable Assemblies meet the highest IPC/WHMA-A-620 Class III specifications and/or MIL-STD-454 specifications.

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