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RF Amplifiers by Marki Microwave

Marki Microwave Surface Mount, Bare Die/Connectorized, Gain Block and Low Noise RF Amplifiers.

All Marki amplifiers are suitable LO drivers if the output power is sufficient across the required LO frequency range. In addition, Marki Microwave RF Amplifiers have the following family specific features:

  • ADM Series: Robust design, no sequencing, ideal for T3 & MT3 mixers
  • APM Series: Low phase noise, positive-bias only, ideal for NLTLs
  • AMM Series: Power-efficient millimetre-wave drivers
  • AKA Series: Cascadable gain blocks, positive-bias only, small size
  • DC to 60 GHz
surface mount amplifiersurface mount amplifier

Surface Mount

connectorized rf amplifiersconnectorized rf amplifiers

Bare Die/Connectorized

Gain block AmplifierGain block Amplifier

Gain Block

low noise rf amplifierlow noise rf amplifier

Low Noise

Marki Microwave Amplifiers are optimized to drive Marki Mixers, IQ Mixers, RF Frequency Multipliers and NLTLs with low phase noise, high output power, reduced power consumption and convenient operation. Achieve unparalleled linearity when you combine Marki-Microwave ADM Series pHEMT Amplifiers, optimized for odd harmonic generation, with Marki's legendary T3 and MT3 Mixers. 

Maintain the purity of your clock source - Marki's APM Series HBT Amplifiers featuring a low -170 dBc/Hz additive phase noise and requiring positive bias only. Power is a premium at millimeter waves with Marki AMM series pHEMT Amplifiers provide high saturated output levels with minimal DC power. Optimize for SWAP-C with our AKA series InGaP HBT gain blocks providing high performance, simplified operation, and low cost all in a small footprint.

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APC Technology Group are a leading Distributor for Marki Microwave RF Componnents. Our inventory includes a wide range of options such as high linearity, frequencies, ultra-low noise amplifiers and RF Amplifiers designed specifically for applications in Satcom, Radar, and Aerospace industries. If you require further technical advice or support our dedicated RF team members are on hand to help. Contact us today.

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