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Low Noise RF Amplifiers (LNA)

Low Noise RF Amplifiers by Marki Microwave

Marki Low Noise Amplifiers offer exceptionally low noise for applications where low noise figure is of paramount importance over other specs such as output power or linearity. Some products have both gain and noise figure optimized for the entire operating range, while other high dynamic range amplifiers will exhibit both a low noise figure and high linearity only over a limited frequency range.

    Frequency Band (GHz)            


Datasheet Low High Small Signal Gain (dB) Noise Figure (dB) Output P1dB (dBm) OIP3 (dBm) Voltage (V/V) Current (mA) Surface Mount Bare Die Module  
ADM-8558 View DC 20 16 1.8 +14 +23 +6 50 - Contact us
ADM-8556 View 6 20 24 1.3 +16 +27 +3




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