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Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC) Testing

What is EMC testing?

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing, is a vital process that ensures your electronic device functions as intended and doesn't disrupt the operation of other electronics in its environment.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing is a multi-step process designed to assess a device's susceptibility to and emission of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Here's a breakdown of the two main categories of tests conducted in EMC labs:

Conducted Immunity

In the world of EMC testing, conducted immunity is a critical test that assesses a device's resilience against electrical noise travelling through its power cords and signal cables. Imagine your device plugged into a busy power grid, constantly bombarded with electrical chatter from nearby electronics. Conducted immunity testing simulates this scenario by injecting controlled levels of electrical noise directly into the device's cables. This noise can mimic real-world events like power surges, voltage fluctuations, or even short bursts of high voltage.

Engineers then monitor the device's behaviour during the test, looking for any signs of malfunction like unexpected shutdowns, data errors, or performance degradation. By undergoing this test, manufacturers ensure their devices can function seamlessly even in electrically noisy environments, promoting electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and regulatory compliance.

Radiated Immunity

As part of EMC compliance testing, radiated immunity plays a critical role in evaluating a device's ability to withstand external electromagnetic waves. These invisible waves, present in our everyday environment can potentially disrupt a device's operation. To assess this resilience, accredited EMC test labs carry out radiated immunity testing.

During radiated immunity testing, a device is placed within a shielded chamber, essentially an electromagnetically isolated environment. Here, it's exposed to controlled levels of electromagnetic waves at various frequencies, mimicking real-world scenarios. Engineers meticulously monitor the device's behaviour throughout the test, searching for any signs of malfunction like unexpected resets, data errors, or performance degradation.

Passing radiated immunity testing assures that the device can function faultlessly even in environments saturated with electromagnetic radiation, such as those with nearby radio towers, mobile phones or other radiating electronics. This boosts electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), ensuring the device operates seamlessly without disrupting or being disrupted by other electronic devices. Ultimately, successful radiated immunity testing contributes to regulatory compliance and a more robust and reliable product.

IS EMC Testing Mandatory?

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) certifications are essential passports for electronic products seeking entry into global markets. From the UK and Europe to the US, China, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, adhering to regional EMC standards is a non-negotiable requirement. This is where EMC testing comes in – a crucial step to ensure your product meets these regulatory demands (e.g., FCC Part 15 in the US, 2014/30/EU Directive in Europe, and CCC in China).

Why EMC Testing is Important

By undergoing comprehensive EMC testing, manufacturers gain peace of mind knowing their products are:

Safe and Reliable: Less prone to malfunctions caused by EMI, promoting user safety and product dependability.
Electromagnetically Compatible: Functioning seamlessly within their intended environment without disrupting other electronics.
Market-Ready: Compliant with established EMC standards, paving the way for successful market entry.

APC Technology Group offers comprehensive solutions for companies seeking to establish in-house EMC testing facilities. Recognising the growing demand for efficient and cost-effective EMC compliance, APC Technology Group supports its clients throughout the entire process from the design and development phase to product selection.

Additionally, can provide bespoke Anechoic Test Chambers, and shielded enclosures that eliminate electromagnetic reflections, creating an ideal environment for accurate EMC testing. To find out more about this service, contact a member of our team.

EMC Chambers, SCIFs and Shielded Enclosures by APC

APC also provide bespoke deployable Anechoic Chambers, SCIFs and RF Shielded Containers to meet the demanding requirements imposed on critical systems and infrastructure. 

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Anechoic Chambers

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RFI/EMI Shielded Chambers

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In-House EMC Test Labs

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