SCIFs | MIL-STD-188-125, DEF-STAN-59-188 & SDIP-29 | Available at APC

SCIF (Secure Compartmented Information Facilities)

Deployable Secure Compartmented Information Facilities for mission-critical systems and shielded, HEMP / IEMI, TEMPEST and RFI applications

Designed and Engineered to Meet the Requirements of MIL-STD-188-125, DEF-STAN-59-188, and SDIP-29

APC Technology Group has a wealth of experience in providing bespoke deployable RF Shielded Containers. Designed and constructed to meet the demanding requirements imposed on critical systems and infrastructure by the modern-day HEMP / IEMI, TEMPEST / SCIF and RFI environments, our turnkey solutions provide a complete M&E fit, including power, HVAC and internal finishes.

Full Compliance with Military Standards and ISO

Our SCIF containers can be engineered to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-188-125, DEF-STAN-59-188, and SDIP-29, depending on the end-use application. Containers are ISO-compliant for ease of transportation and we also provide shielded solutions for data centres, which can also be designed to provide RFI Shielding as required by the application.

Typically forming the primary RF shield, our containers are welded by fully licensed and experienced welders. Our bespoke SCIFs also include a 3-part paint system, as preferred by many offshore and marine industry organisations.

Custom Designed SCIF Solutions

Each container project we work on is bespoke and typically includes its own internal finishes, acoustic and thermal insulation, full electrical package, lighting, air conditioning, dehumidification, fresh air feed, UPS and solar power systems.


As with any RF management solution from APC, our SCIF containers are supplied with fully shielded penetrations to ensure a robust and reliable shielded environment. These include:

  • RF shielded doors
  • RF shielded emergency escape hatches
  • Honeycomb waveguide vents
  • Pipe penetrations
  • Fibre optic converters
  • RF filters
  • Secure entry and exit Solutions

Bespoke SCIF Key Features

Our expert technical team are able to partner with you and offer advice on the design of your bespoke secure compartmented information facility.

EMP shielding: Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) shielding, which protects against electronic interference such as that caused by a nuclear explosion. This can be crucial for safeguarding electronic equipment and data.

RF shielding: Enhanced radio frequency (RF) shielding to prevent wireless signal leakage and to mitigate the risk of 'electronic eavesdropping'.

Soundproofing and acoustic enhancements: To prevent eavesdropping and maintain acoustic security, you can opt for specialised soundproofing materials and acoustic treatments for all walls, ceilings, and floors.

Environmental control systems: Implement HVAC systems that provide precise temperature and humidity control, as well as air quality.

Secure communications equipment: Our experts can advise on the provision of secure communication devices, including encrypted phones and video conferencing equipment, to ensure that sensitive information remains protected during communications.

Furniture and office equipment: We offer a variety of options to fully furnish your SCIF with secure, tamper-resistant furniture - including safes and filing cabinets designed for classified material storage.

Redundancy and fail-safe mechanisms: Ensure uninterrupted operation even in the event of power outages or system failures. This includes the installation of backup power sources, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generators, to ensure continuous operation.

Optional Extras

In addition to APC's own technical team, we work with engineers from trusted and reputable partners who offer many bespoke SCIF enhancements that can include the following:

Smoke and heat detectors and alarm systems: Fully conformant to BS 5839: fire detection & alarm systems for buildings.

Pneumatic door control: Useful for controlling the opening and closing of access doors. Pneumatic cylinders or actuators are integrated with the door mechanism, allowing smooth and precise door movement.

Interlocking doors: Mechanisms that ensure only one door can be opened at a time, helping to prevent unauthorized individuals from tailgating and maintaining the integrity of the secure area.

Visitor management systems: Implement a robust visitor management system, which may include bio-metric registration, background checks, and access control for visitors.

Emergency overrides: In the event of an emergency or system malfunction, an emergency override feature allows for all pneumatic doors to automatically open.

Secure IT, networking and office equipment: Use secure multifunction devices (such as printers and photocopiers) that can handle classified documents while minimising the risk of data leaks. We also offer advanced network security equipment to protect against cyber threats and ensure secure communications within the facility. We even offer high-security document shredders to ensure sensitive information is properly disposed of within the facility.

Emergency escape routes: Optional secure emergency escape routes, which should be accessible only to authorised personnel, in case of a security breach or other emergencies.

Video surveillance: Comprehensive video surveillance system with high-definition cameras, ensuring continuous monitoring of the facility.

Biometric access control: Enhance access control with biometric systems like fingerprint or iris scanners. These provide an extra layer of security by ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter the facility.

Typical SCIF Shielding Performance

Magnetic: 40 dB @ 1 kHz; 80 dB @ 10 kHz; 120 dB @ 5 MHz to 30 MHz
Electric : 120 dB @ 1 kHz to 30 MHz
Planewave: 120 dB @ 30 MHz to 1 GHz
Microwave: 120 dB @ 1 to 40 GHz

Ask a Member of our Expert Team

Our priority is to understand your project so we can deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations. We achieve this through a collaborative approach, tailoring solutions to meet each client's unique SCIF specifications, ensuring timely delivery and adhering to established budgets.

Request a callback from a member of our technical team to get dedicated one-to-one consultancy for your SCIF requirements.

Portable SCIF Solutions by APC from Initial Consultancy through to Design and Construction

At APC Technology Group, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality, engineered solutions. All our container-based projects are engineered in 3D at the consultation stage to provide a clear vision of the proposed solution and ensure the communication is clear and the original design intent stays on track.

APC Technology Group have successfully delivered RF Container solutions for many applications including, HEMP / IEMI and TEMPEST / SCIF. Recently supplied projects have included the following features:

  • Keyless Entry
  • Automatic Access ramps
  • 3-way RF lock with PLC / Pneumatic control
  • RF Door Open Alarm
  • VESDA Fire Detection System
  • Gas-based Fire Suppression System
  • Sound Masking System

EMC Chambers and Shielded Enclosures for Defence Applications by APC

APC Technology Group also provide bespoke EMC and RF Shielded Container solutions to meet the testing and development requirements of a variety of industries and applications.

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EMC Test Chambers

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RFI/EMI Shielded Container

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