Sensitron Semiconductor and Vaunix Technology Corp appoint APC Technology Group as authorised distribution partner | APC Technology Group

Sensitron Semiconductor and Vaunix Technology Corp appoint APC Technology Group as authorised distribution partner

APC extends its range of RF and microwave test equipment, digital radio communications and high-reliability power electronic component solutions.

Ahead of exhibiting at DSEI 2023, the leading international Defence and Security expo, APC Technology Group is pleased to announce two new additions to its comprehensive list of leading, global manufacturers. 

With over 50 years of manufacturing expertise in high-reliability power electronic components for the Defence, Aerospace, Space and Medical markets, Sensitron Semiconductor will provide APCs customers with rugged, light-weight and cost-effective solutions for rectification, motion control, transient protection and power distribution.

Working alongside APC's own team of specialist applications engineers, Sensitron's specialities include electrical and mechanical design, material science expertise, packaging and testing. From engineering design to finished product, APC's new partnership with Sensitron will provide customers with innovative power system solutions for mission-critical applications, including:


  • Switching power supplies
  • AC-DC rectification
  • Primary and secondary power distribution
  • Motion control
  • Transient voltage spike protection
  • Customised motion control and package designs

For APC's specialist RF and Microwave team, Vaunix Technology Corp will offer customers deep RF and software engineering expertise, rooted in microwave radio and wireless equipment repair and testing.

With their Lab Brick family of electronic test products, Vaunix has set a new standard for cost, size, and simplicity of wireless testing devices. Powered by a USB connection and controlled by easy-to-use, graphical user interface (GUI) software, the Lab Brick range has been designed to meet the needs of wireless engineers and technicians who want to create flexible, customised system solutions either in the lab or in the field. The Lab Brick range includes:


  • Digital attenuators, signal generators and RF Switches SPDT, SP4T & SP8T to 40GHz
  • Phase shifters to 12GHz, power dividers to 7.25GHz and USB Hubs
  • Custom matrix attenuators and handover test systems

In addition to supporting UK OEMs and CEMs with the offerings from APC's latest technology partners, Sensitron products will also be available to manufacturers in the Nordics, following APC's expansion into Europe under the guidance of its parent company, Certify Holdings.


Speaking of APC's expansion into Europe and its addition of two new technology partners, Group Director of Operations, Lara Slavin, recognised the importance of continuing to address the changing needs of customers:

It has always been our mission to support our UK customers by offering the best choice of specialist electronic components and systems. The recent addition of both Sensitron and Vaunix to our business enables our specialist teams to help our customers build better, future-ready equipment for their mission-critical applications. As APC continues to expand its offering into Europe, we hope to offer more of our lines to European customers and support their applications too.

Lara Slavin | Group Director of Operations

Further information about products from both Sensitron and Vaunix will be added to our website soon. For initial enquiries and capabilities, please contact our specialist teams for more information.

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