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Photoflash & Strobe Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Photoflash & Strobe Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Strobe-Flash capacitors are rugged type ST capacitors that can withstand more than 30 million full discharges in typical strobe-lamp applications. CDE Strobe-Flash capacitors can withstand more than 30 million full discharges in typical strobe-lamp applications and have the ability to handle the spectrum of currents caused by full discharge at 1 Hz and faster rates.


Cornell Dubilier Photoflash Capacitors can withstand more than 100,000 full discharges in typical photoflash applications and also deliver higher energy density possible with a rated voltage of 500 V and higher capacitance values in screw-terminal style cans.


APC Technology Group is an authorised Cornell Dubilier sales representative, offering the full range of CDE Strobe-Flash and Photoflash Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, with expert technical advice, product guidance and competitive pricing.

Strobe Flash Electrolytic Capacitor Highlights:

  • Tested to More than 10 Million Flashes
  • More than 30 Million Flashes typical life
  • Snapmount or Solder-Lug Terminals

Strobe Flash Electrolytic Capacitor Highlights:

  • High reliability
  • High voltage
  • Long life
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Type Datasheet Description Temperature (°C) Voltage (Vdc)
7P View Photoflash -20°C - 55°C 330V - 360V
FSB View Photoflash -25°C - 55°C 330V - 360V
FSL View Photoflash -20°C - 70°C 360V - 450V
FSR View Photoflash -20°C - 55°C 300V - 360V
PF View Photoflash -20°C - 55°C 500V - 500V
ST View


-40°C - 55°C 360V - 450V

Cornell Dubilier Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Range

Available with Expert Technical Guidance

APC Technology Group are an authorised UK distributor for Cornell Dubilier, offering the full range of CDE capacitors. At APC, we provide our customers with superior technical knowledge and access to expert guidance. With unrivalled expert technical knowledge, fast lead times and competitive pricing, we are the supplier of choice for many manufacturers requiring high-reliability capacitors and related passive components for mission-critical applications.

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