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Prismatic Flatpack Electrolytic Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Prismatic Flatpack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Prismatic Flatpack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors high-energy storage and box-shape make it perfect for voltage holdup or filtering in military SEM-E modules, telecom circuit packs and computer cards. The MLP delivers up to 20 joules of energy storage in a 1/2” height with 50 year’s life at +45 ºC. You can readily heatsink it to double the ripple-current capability. The MLP is the square-peg component that fits the square-holes in electronic assemblies.

Prismatic Flatpack Electrolytic Capacitor Highlights: 

  • Low-profile replacement for snap-ins
  • Double the ripple capability with a heatsink
  • Nearly hermetic welded seal assures 50-year life
  • Withstands more than 80,000 feet altitude

APC Technology Group is an authorised Cornell Dubilier sales representative, offering the full range of CDE AC Motor Start Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, with expert technical advice, product guidance and competitive pricing.

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Type Datasheet Description Temperature (°C) Voltage (Vdc) Load Life (h) Load Life (°C)
MLP View FlatpackTM/Low Profile -55°C - 85°C 7.5V - 450V 2,000 85°C
MLPS View FlatpackTM/Ultra Long Life -55°C - 105°C 7.5V - 450V 10,000 105°C
MLSG View FlatpackTM/ Low Profile -55°C - 125°C 5V - 250V 5,000 125°C
MLSG-S View SlimpackTM
High Temperature
-55°C - 125°C 10V - 250V 5,000 125°C
MLS View FlatpackTM/Low Profile
"For new designs please review the MLSG series"
-55°C - 125°C 5V - 250V 2,000 125°C
ULP View Ultra-Low Porfile -40°C - 85°C 4V - 63V 3,000 85°C
MLSH View FlatpackTM/Hermetic/High Temperature -55°C - 125°C 30V - 250V 5,000 125°C
NHR View SlimpackTM/Highest Temperature -55°C - 150°C 75V - 300V 3,000 150°C
PPC View Ultra-Thin Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor -55°C - 125°C 9V - 24V 2,000 125°C
THA View ThinpackTM/Lower Profile -55°C - 85°C 10V - 450V 5,000 85°C
THAS View ThinpackTM/Lower Profile -55°C - 105°C 10V - 500V 5,000 105°C
ULP View Ultra-Low Porfile -40°C - 85°C 4V - 63V 3,000 85°C

Cornell Dubilier Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Range

Available with Expert Technical Guidance

APC Technology Group are an authorised UK distributor for Cornell Dubilier, offering the full range of CDE capacitors. At APC, we provide our customers with superior technical knowledge and access to expert guidance. With unrivalled expert technical knowledge, fast lead times and competitive pricing, we are the supplier of choice for many manufacturers requiring high-reliability capacitors and related passive components for mission-critical applications.

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