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Cornell Dubilier Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

Available with expert technical guidance from APC Technology Group

CDE offers a wide selection of standard and custom screw terminal, snap-in and board mount capacitors, used extensively in the most critical applications, ranging from defibrillators and medical imaging to radar systems and UPS power backup for large data systems.


Cornell Dubilier offers one of the world's largest selections of capacitors by type and application. CDE capacitors are renowned for their reliability and ultra-long life cycle for high-power applications. With ISO-9001-certified manufacturing and distribution facilities across the globe, CDE capacitors are fully tested for compliance with all key electrical characteristics. Depending on the type of capacitor, further thermal, electrical and mechanical testing (pulse, shock and vibration, humidity) may be conducted.

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Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsAluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier Capacitor Catalog

Surface Mount

surface mount capacitorsurface mount capacitor


prismatic Electrolytic capacitorsprismatic Electrolytic capacitors


snap in capacitorsnap in capacitor

Screw Terminal

screw terminal capacitorscrew terminal capacitor

Motor Start

capacitor start motorcapacitor start motor

Photoflash & Strobe

photoflash capacitorphotoflash capacitor

Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors with Expert Technical Guidance

APC Technology Group are an authorised UK distributor for Cornell Dubilier, offering the full range of CDE capacitors. At APC, we provide our customers with superior technical knowledge and access to expert guidance. With unrivalled expert technical knowledge, fast lead times and competitive pricing, we are the supplier of choice for many manufacturers requiring high-reliability capacitors and related passive components for mission-critical applications.


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