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EMC Test Solutions, Service and Support, Project Management and Consultancy 

Turnkey EMC Solutions for Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Commercial applications

APC’s Test solutions team work with some of the world’s leading EMC solutions providers to offer first hand technical advice and support. Helping customers to overcome a wide range of EMC issues and achieve compliance, APC offer turnkey EMC solutions and project management, backed by the knowledge and expertise of our technical partners. 

Working with our team, you can trust APC to delivery projects with a high-level of competence and efficiency, ensuring that project timelines and budgets are adhered to. 

Turnkey EMC Solutions from APC 

  • EMC Equipment Sales
  • EMC Equipment Servicing and Support
  • EMC Project Management
  • EMC Consultancy 

EMC Test Solutions featuring equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers

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bonn  elektronikbonn  elektronik
YIC technologiesYIC technologies

EMC Test Equipment Solutions

emc test solutionsemc test solutions

EMC Equipment, Servicing and Support

emc test equipmentemc test equipment

EMC Project

emc project managementemc project management


emc consultancyemc consultancy

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Quick and Cost-Effective Turnkey EMC Solutions

EMC Test Solutions are one of our core lines, and we have delivered hundreds of comprehensive solutions over the years.

  • Pre-compliance
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Conducted Emissions
  • Radiated Immunity
  • Conducted RF
  • Surge Immunity
  • Immunity to ESD – Electrostatic Discharge
  • Immunity to EFTB – Electrical Fast Transient / Burst
  • Immunity to Magnetic Fields
  • Compliance Assessments

Our partners are market leaders for their respective products, providing solutions across a huge array of applications such as: EMC, Wireless, RF & Microwave Testing, Research & Development, Hybrid Vehicles and Product Testing.