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Hioki Finger-Sized and High-Accuracy Current Sensors Support the Calculation of Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A new solution from Hioki for implementing EV power management, now available from APC Technology Group.


Hioki E.E. Corporation has a long history of leading the market of power measurement and analysis with its current sensor and measurement instruments. To further this trend into a new era, Hioki has announced a new lineup of high-accuracy, compact current sensors, and modules for data loggers.


These products demonstrate Hioki’s dedication to technological innovation. Moreover, they play a vital role in advancing our commitment to a sustainable society, aligning with efforts to address Scope 3 emissions and reduce greenhouse gases. 

To prevent global warming, there is a demand for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including CO2. For products such as electric vehicles (EVs) and electrical appliances, considering the total greenhouse gas emissions throughout their life cycle, from production to disposal, holds great importance for companies. Scope 3 is one such category of emission calculations indicated by the GHG Protocol, focusing on greenhouse gases emitted during raw material procurement and after-sales.

In the calculation of emissions during the lifecycle of EVs, the measurement of power consumption plays a significant role. In EVs, a substantial portion of the energy consumption is attributed to the drive motors. However, to calculate the total power consumption, it is also crucial to consider other electrical systems such as LED lights and power windows, as well as control system components like electronic control units (ECUs). Optimising the energy consumption of various onboard components forms the foundation for reducing indirect emissions.

Until now, precisely measuring the power of each vehicle component has been challenging due to several issues. These include the uncoordinated operation timing among multiple components, the constant minuscule current known as leakage or stand-by current when components are off, and the challenges posed by harsh environments resulting from high or low temperatures.


As a leading company in high-precision current sensors, Hioki has been indispensable in the EV power measurement market, providing substantial value. To support the calculation of Scope 3 emissions aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, Hioki continues to contribute with its superior current measurement technology.

AC/DC Current Sensors CT7812, CT7822


AC/DC Current Probes CT6830, CT6831


Wireless Current Module LR8536


Current Module U8556


The new current sensors CT7812 (2 A) and CT7822 (20 A) are high-accuracy, finger-sized current sensors with excellent temperature stability, thanks to fluxgate technology. These sensors enable highly accurate current values to be measured by the modules U8556 or LR8536 (wireless) and recorded by the LR8450-series data logger. 


Due to their compact size, they can easily access wires even in the tight spaces of a vehicle's wiring box, making them suitable for simultaneous current measurements of multiple components. They also enable high-accuracy measurements for tasks such as assessing the appropriateness of fuse ratings and recording leakage currents when the EV is turned off.


In addition to the innovative current sensors mentioned above, Hioki offers a battery-operated and wireless module LR8536 that frees operators from complex wiring tasks, leading to reduced labour. Furthermore, the data logger LR8450-series can accommodate modules for acquiring not only current data but also temperature, strain, CAN signals, etc. This wide range of choices allows for the simultaneous, long-term recording of various data such as component temperatures, air conditioning, and shaft rigidity.

Solution with Compact Current Sensors and Data Logger​


Solution with Current Probes and Power Analyser​

The current probes CT6830 (2 A) and CT6831 (20 A) are compact, high-accuracy products with excellent temperature characteristics, similar to the finger-sized current sensors mentioned earlier. Hioki’s power analysers have traditionally had an advantage in analysing drive systems. 


These new current probes now empower our power analysers to also perform comprehensive power analysis of components, including control devices and accessories. Their broad operating temperature range and minimal influence of temperature on measurements result in high accuracy even under harsh conditions, such as in engine compartments during real-vehicle road tests.

Hioki Current Modules, Probes and Sensors

Available across the UK and Ireland from APC Technology Group

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